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Th34v4t4r's D.I.Y. Octopot Shananingans


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Hi guys.

I've had 2 journals so far. The 1st wasn't great and the 2nd died a death..

I'm up and running again though with more leds and more plants and more determination.

I have 1x 300w and 1 x 600w viperspectra leds

I'm grow sensi seed from the seed. I terminated 5 and have 3 left.. out of the 3 I have 2 good plants do to not having enough growing medium.

Which brings me to my soil... canna terra professional.. mixed with canna terra clay pebbles for extra airation... Also we have fabric pots 10gallon. Ok when I go into flower I'll up pop to 15g and let it all go from there...

Nutrients are mother pukka mother earth a+b

Also because I've been thinking of par recently... I think the penetration of my lights will be the same if I bang them together. I have the idea that it is equal to a 900w. The 300w has 60pcs of leds speed over 2 boards. the 600w has 120pcs spread between 4 boards. So I can only speculate ha ring together will increase the center par value. I hope so else I'll get another 300w and chuck it the other side and run 1200w of leds..

We germinated the seed about 4 weeks ago so we are Just Into the vegging stage.

I Will be going for lst, fimmingand scrogging and hopefully I can fill this tent right up... the tent is 60x120x150cm

I have an extractor with carbon filter and a 6inch fan blowing air around..

Temp is running at 28°c and humidity is 90% hour after each watering.


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Welcome chief. You are the 1st.

I've just had a quick buzz through your journal. We are running similar setups but mine is a much bigger tent... what 300ws have you got?

Also I notice that your plants are way ahead of mine at 23 days.
.the pics I took today are at 24days. And yours have filled the pots.. making me wonder if I'm lacking something. I have noticed this strain takes it's time to get going but when it does it fucking flys.


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Just a quick question for anyone reading... how many plants do you think I should have to fill my tent. I'm thinking 3 scrogged down but I see people have 4 in smaller tents then mine...

I'm looking for maximum yield out the tent..


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Yh my tent is 2ft x 4ft x 5ft.

Did you flower off the 300ws if so what was the end result like.. I want to get the most I can out of my tent but idotn want to have too many plants. I reckon I'd do 6 at most in there.

Yes mine are viparspectra. I just got my new 600w today. Fuming though as the casing was damaged in transit. No damage to the bulbs though . Normally I'd send it back instantly but one had all ready been destroyed by the courier and I've been waiting 2 weeks for my light. Now that it's here I don't wanna waste the time. I'd sooner chuck her in the tent and get her warming my girls up.... which I must say. It's definatly brightened my tent lol....


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Look on I don't want small.... I won't just them to the size of the tent else I'd be cutting back alot around the edges when she doubles in flower. But I want it just enough so I've got some decent height and wall to wall... If I'm not wall to wall I'll be fuming.

With the light. Mate I regret buying from that seller. Like I say the 1st light made it to my home town then destroyed and sent back. I got be arsed with the hassel cause I'll never see the light again lol... on the plus side I think I have more then enough light to produce the sort of amounts I'm looking at..

I'll fly through this grow and see how it pans out.. Nd on the next grow start getting serious with my nutes... 1 step at a time though. Get the girls up and bent over into all kinds of wonderful romantic shapes then move on to the nutes...

I'll upload some pics soon.. I think they are slightly small to say they are 26days from tap root breaking out


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so first of all I have swapped the lights from full to blue spec veg only on the 600w I cnt do it with the 300.. really wish I could...
a few branches Bout to start shooting out these little pupps will be the main branches of my super dooper flat svrogg that I knownid gunna get.. low and wide
temps prob a touch high and humid too low but when j water Tommorrow that will soon change...
really can see the red in that 300w..

Also I realized I was about 15inch above canopy. So I've raised to 32 but that's way too high right howni think so I brought to 26" because I think it's too close to the top of my tent for now. When my canopy starts getting wider I'll happily bring them up more as and when needed.


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Just checked the girls before I fire one up and get my head down. Gave them 1.5l of clean unadultered water today. Feed water water feed.. They will be ready for some more base nutes by Friday. I really must get my 3rd plant up potted cause the poor girl is starving for room, nothing I can do for her right now though. Hope she hangs on in there.

How ever the 2 In the fabric pots are smashing it. I think they are loving the new light. I know my electric meter is lovingit.. £1.30 a day to run this. Fuming... I better get some good fruit to compensate me what you reckon guys haha


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Nice place you have here.
I'm trying to make it a cosy little public house, where we can all come fire one up and whisper sweet nothings to one another... welcome otter... pull up your chair


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Well I just checked my light timer and I must have been stoned to fuck when I set it.. it was set for 20on-4off.... so I've changed it's to 18-6 As it should be, looks like the girls are having an extra few hours sleep from now on.


Day 28 since the first tap root broke free.

22 days left to fill the tent. Give or take depeneding on how quick i fill 2ftx1ft of space.

I'll make a 2ft svrogg in a few days and get that ready. 22days till I start to flower and then it's another 45-50 days.. such an impatient man I am
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So this cam either go terribly right or amazingly wrong!!! Home made octopots.. done the best with what I got so let's hope the pathetic stitching holds out lmao... not likely with moisture.. as I wrote this I added safety pins. They will hold it tight. Any way here's my master piece..


I'm getting some soil and stones resdybfor this one and it'll be transplanted by tonight oh boy I'm excited all I need now is some black spray paint and I'm golden
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So here is the full product guys,,, it's taller then I anticipated, so I think I'll get some stilts for the other 2 girls and bring them up to height and take my lights right up to the top. I guess I will have to keep my scrogg net nice and tight on this one now.


With a little bit of luck she'll fly right up with her new pot. If not not biggie we will see how far she gets any way.

Thanks to @GanjaPreneur420 for the inspiration haha. When I saw his cheeky octopots and realized what they are Bout I just had to bust one out. I


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Just a picture with the strip leds turned on. I forgot to mention I got strip lights for the flower stage. In gunna run a couple or strips around the outside to take up some slack at the far ends of my space.. the leds are 5.1 ratio of red to blue... like I say I'd like to get 2 red cob lights for the top corners as Well for added unit in the flower stage.. all the talk of it and it's still a month away lmao.... tick tock
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