Thank You 357 Mag LED For Renewing Your Sponsorship

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Please join me in welcoming our renewing sponsor 357 Mag LED Lights. Without the support of sponsors such as these we would not be able to continue our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world.

Why Choose Magnum LED Grow Lights?

Simply stated, they are said to be the best led grow light manufacturer in the world! They design and engineer the industry changing technologies that push the curve of the LED grow light industry. Copied by everyone, duplicated by none!

When it comes to LED grow lights nobody comes close to the penetration capacity or proven yeilds of the world famous 357w Magnum LED or the new HID killing machine MAGNUM PLUS led grow lights.

The 357 Magnum LED and all new MAGNUM PLUS LED, 11 spectrum high power LED grow lights harnesses the deep penetrating power of 3w Bridgelux & Epistar diodes, patented PAR AMP (Photosynthetically Active Radiation [PAR] Amplification Process) as well as the unrivaled penetration capacity of their patented Focused Beam Technology in the exact combinations required for producing maximum yields, dense fruit production and most of all premium quality finished product.

All the benefits of HID and none of the hassle!

Reap all of the benefits of growing fruiting plants with high power HID and forget about the hassles of excess heat production, the added costs of air conditioning, costly wiring upgrades, bulb replacements, fire hazards, special timers, reflectors and unreliable ballasts

Dense flowers, enhanced fruiting and premium quality finished product are only a few of the benefits of growing indoors with the 357 Magnum LED and new MAGNUM PLUS

Check out their LED Grow Lights Now!
Phone: 1-877-LED-8711 (1-877-533-8711)

Thank you for your support We are truly grateful! :thanks:
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