Thank you MadameCrash. 15/15 females!


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I have been reading on this site for a few months. I decided to try my first grow and saw a post by MadameCrash about how to get female plants. I ordered 15 AK-47 Serious seeds from and followed her suggestions and all 15 turned out to be females! Not sure I have enough room for them all though!!
I germed my seeds and planted them and put them under 24/7 flouros for 15 days then moved them to 18/6 under flouros for 6 days. Then moved under 400 watt MH for 18/6. I ended up vegging them for 5 weeks then put them under 400 watt HPS at 12/12.
The plants are going absolutely crazy. Fox Farm soil and ferts doing the trick. Plants were 10-14 inches tall when I started flowering and are now 24-40 inches and starting to bud all over. Very pretty plants. It kills me to not be able to show or tell anyone about them!! They have been flowering for about 2 1/2 weeks.
Anyway I've learned a lot from this site and am sure I will learn much more. Thanks again MadameC!!!!!!
Here is the info she posted:

I'm gonna share a little secret we discovered....

Start em under FLOUROS 24/7 for 10-14 days or so. Then switch em to 18/6 under flouros for at least 4-5 days.. THEN put em under the HPS for at least a few days of 18/6 (depending on how long ya want to veg em).

Why do this? 98%-100% Female Ratio from UNFEMINIZED seeds. Since I am not an MJ plant, I can't tell you why it works... it just does! (for us anyway)
So far I have verified this method works on the last 3 crops we started (20 fems/20 beans started this way) We did some control grows to test, and the same strains started under HID or with a straight 24/7 veg cycle all had normal M/F ratios.

Seems that using flouros for early veg, in combination with stepping down the light cycle the first few weeks from 24/7 to 18/6 promotes females.

Stumbled across it by accident when we had to do some room+light juggling. Before then, we always had normal or high male/female ratios. (my first few grows all turned out to be male!) So.. the first time we got 5/5 fems we started to take notice.

We tried replicating the same pattern of light cycle, and sure enough... 6/6 fems. SO...we thought...mmmmm.. still could be just amazing luck... sooo we tried it again.... and sure enough! 9/9 Fems! Now that maybe just luck, but the same strains we started straight under HID 24/7 OR 18/6 averaged 3 males to every 1 female.

I know that heat stress promotes males, but the veg cabinet our flouros are in has almost no ventilation and gets much much hotter than the room with HID.

Anyway, I hope this novel of a post made some sense. Hope it helps.


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I'm so happy for you!! 15/15 Fems!! Congratulations!

Dude... you just made my day.. thank you so much for sharing!

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