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Thank You PassYourDrugTest For Renewing Your Sponsorship

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Please join me in thanking our sponsor PassYourDrugTest for their continued support. Without the support of sponsors such as these we would not be able to continue our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world.

When you have a drug test to pass, PassYourDrugTest is there to help you. They have specialized in drug testing and drug detox since 1993 and are one of the oldest and most trusted on the Internet with customer satisfaction and testimonials. They have helped thousands of customers in their time of need. They offer many solutions and scenarios to help their customers pass blood drug tests, hair drug tests, saliva drug tests, urine drug tests, as well as military and DOT tests.

Their products are made from the purest and most natural ingredients to naturally and effectively cleanse your body without the harsh chemicals that currently exist in some of their competitor's products. They have provided their customers with the best, safest and strongest possible products on the market in order to satisfy their needs to ensure success in their current situations with passing any drug test.

To view their drug testing FAQ's, visit them here


Nature's Urine


30 Day Hair Mudd Kit


Rescue Combo


Contact Information
Toll Free Telephone: 1-888-420-6556
Email: a-z_enterprises@sbcglobal.net
Live Chat: Live Chat

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Thank you so much for renewing your sponsorhip and supporting our mission here at 420 Magazine.

It sponsors like you that enable us to continue our mission of creating Cannabis Awareness. Our sponsors help us continue providing the best Cannabis website there is, and free to everyone. :peace2:

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