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Thank You Sensi Seeds For Renewing Your Sponsorship

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Please join me in thanking our renewing sponsor Sensi Seeds. Without the support of sponsors such as them, we would not be able to continue our mission to help create Cannabis Awareness around the world!

Sensi Credo
Even as a young man, Ben Dronkers was aware that the cannabis plant is an amazing resource which offers extraordinary potential benefits for the whole world.

Early on, he made a vow to do everything in his power to advance, promote, protect and nurture the cannabis plant in all its forms, and to preserve its unique genotypes for future generations. Ben wanted to enlighten and educate as many people as possible about the incredible qualities possessed by all parts of the plant.

Cannabis inspired Ben — from the strength of the fibres in its stem to the nutritional value of its seeds; from the medicinal effects of its flowers to the way its roots improve the soil in which they grow. Ben made it his mission to share the advantages of cannabis with everyone.

He continues to pursue these goals today, through a diverse business organisation which is involved in every aspect of the cannabis plant.

The future holds exciting possibilities — there are new hybrids to be created and many carbon-reducing applications for industrial hemp to be explored. Research into the medicinal qualities of the different cannabinoids and support of cannabis education programs continues.

Ben Dronkers' commitment is as great now as it has ever been. As he says, his passion is fuelled by "the continuous unfolding of the uses and potential of the plant. It's incredibly rewarding. It never stops."

The History of Sensi
In 2010, Sensi Seeds celebrated its 25th anniversary. Throughout the first quarter century of Sensi's existence, the collecting of the original cannabis genotypes, the expansion of the company, the evolution of its hybrid cannabis strains and the growth of the Dronkers family are all interwoven to form the cannabis empire that exists today.

Sensi Seeds B.V.
P.O. BOX 10952
1001 EZ Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 626 29 88
Fax: +31 (0)20 428 41 10
E-mail: info@sensiseeds.com


Thank you for your continued support Sensi Seeds. We are truly grateful! :thanks:
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