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Thanks for a great web site

Yup... Were all hooked too. :nomo: :yummy:

What a fascinating Plant, Cannabis Is.
Always learning something new here Everyday.

Everyone here is so Very Cool and so Very Helpful.
You finding info you need ok? If not we help point you in a good direction for what you want to know more of.

Continue soakin' up the Knowledge and love.
Help 420 Spread Cannabis Awareness.

See you in the Forum.
Hi chuckers1, :welcome: to the 420Magazine forums. :439:
:thanks: for getting hooked on this very friendly site.
Pass the love! :48:
That's better. Now I am hoping this isn't a flash in the pan for you.
We like you to take full advantage of membership.
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That would be the month of April.
enjoy and I'll see you in the forums.
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