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Thanks for having me and a few questions


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Great site here, learning a lot by reading the stickies and all the posts.

I plan on growing indoors this fall once there is not so many people in my town but for now I have a plan of growing 2 plants outdoors at a remote location.

I bought feminized auto-flowering seeds from Attitude (Berry Diesel or Diesel Berry, can't remember) and I plan on just digging a hole, filling it with soil and watering it once a week unless we don't get any rain this summer and it that case I can water it twice a week.

My plan is to dig a hole for each about the size of a 5 gallon bucket and filling it with decent soil and watering it with nutrients. I am not really worried about organic or not at this point since it will be my first grow and I just want to keep it simple. I was going to use Fox Farm Ocean Forest and then use their base nutrients but I read that Autos don't like a lot of nutrients and that the soil might be too "hot" just using it straight.

Any help or advice is appreciated, thanks!


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:welcome: to 420 mag. I agree that soil is kinda hot for seedlings. I know people cringe when talking about soil with nutes already inside, but scotts makes a vegetable potting mix that might work great for what your doing. My friend refuses to pay the high prices for soil and uses it for his autoflowers and he hasn't had any problems. It gets him through the entire grow with no other feeding. (iv used it myself to top my pots off when i ran out of pro-mix).
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