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Thanks for the help

I'll try and send a few pics of the, almost, finishec grow. I'd of done a diary but life an shit gets in the way. Plus my phone, as I have mentioned once or twice, is SHIT! So pics aren't all that. anyway, zkittles are beauties. How the plants stands, sturdy, fat buds all over with a top colon sitting in the middle like Jabba the hut. First and second pic. The Jack herror is all about the center bud. Wow! But leafy. Once dry and trimmed nice an neat I can see some tongues hanging out an money being offered for that one bud. third an fourth pic. I'm still not sure what the third plant is. Any suggestions appreciated. Good grower, didn't have any issues with it but next to the others the buds look a bit stringy. It WS the first ready so I've had a try and i like. Its one of them smokes that your so ingrossed in something then you realise just how smashed you are, with a quiet chuckle to youself.


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