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Thanks guys!


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:37: Thanks to akorn, mc, urdedpal, gbuds and everyone else who answered my questions 4 me :headbang: you guys rock. My garden woulkdnt have been sucsessful without ya!! I got qp of first three plants with an o or so still dryin!! I will post some bud pics soon. Does anyone have bud butter recipe and also want to make oil from shake!!:51:

:adore: :adore: Thanks again guys this stuff is some of the best round here an everyone wants it wish i had 10 p of it.:adore: :adore:


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Re: Thanks guys!!!

Hell Ya!! wtg man


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Re: Thanks guys!!!

Kick A$$! liljoe! Congrats on a great harvest! That's what it's all about man... growing and smokin your own .. :3: :bong: :smoke2:


P.S. Got any harvest pics for us?? :3:
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