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Why does my legal bud say THC 0.85% and Total THC 22.57%, I have another strain, Rockstar, that is THC 2.0% Total THC 24.1%

The best I can come up with is that 22.57% of cannabinoids are THC and 0.85% of all plant matter is THC but the math does not fit with the other strain.



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THC would have been just that, the amount of THC that a sample of that bud was lab-tested and found to contain. The "total THC" includes the potential total amount, in other words, the amount of THC that would be present after all the THC(a) - which isn't listed on that label - gets decarboxylated into the psychoactive THC.

For a more complete explanation of the cannabinoids present in "raw" cannabis buds, the decarboxylation process (how/why), et cetera, type the following into your favorite web-search engine and check out some of the first few results:
thc vs thca
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