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THC Detection Time


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I'm (probably irrationally) freaking out. I never smoked anything until this year (I'm 38) but got a pen with a lemon drop strain in it at my last job. Literally haven't touched it in 6-8 weeks. No way that wouldn't be flushed out of my system by now, right??? I am 5'6", 140, and I walk approx. 1.5 miles daily. I took the test this past Thursday. Took an at-home that night and was negative. Bout to land an amazing gig and don't want this to sidetrack me. Every piece of research I have done suggests I am 100% FINE but wanted to hear it from anyone with actual experience. Thank you, friends!!!


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You should be fine. If you're not sure, retest with your first urine output of the day (I read somewhere that it tended to be the "dirtiest").

And hope you aren't surprised by a hair follicle test, I guess.

George Mc

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the only thing I know about this is what I've read on this site. That being said if you have the time go for a long run wearing extra clothing so you can sweat. Drink more water than you normally would. If you have access to a sauna go sit in it for a while. Just my two cents

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do not give 1st piss of day.
Start talking about hair folicle ......go home and shave.
just my 2 cents
good luck
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