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Greetings 420's where-ever you are ;) its 420 somewhere right ;)
Anyhow, First time grower here, had some AZ Reg seeds, saw a U-tube vid and a few Ref Vid's
and got my seeds started, by using the water in the glass method, after 16 hrs saw 3 tap roots from the 3
(AZ Reg) seeds, moved them to small bio pot as this is for Soil Grow, (did this to all 3)...

In the mean time I have been putting together my own idea of a DIY Grow Tub, 30Gal rubber maid, this is for a closet grow, I have installed 4x CFL's 55000 cool wite to a plank of wood for support and screwed that to the rubber maid lid, the lid is set at a slant / so the light can peer into the box, also set up a timer for the lights, the seedling are growing fine, ** We are now into the (4) week stage (y) and the Biggest (Amanda) is at her 3 node, followed by slenkie she is also on node 3.

The Issue I have right now is "Becky", she is short stout but has good leaf, have noticed some color fading ?

The light cycle for "All" as they are all in the same grow tub is a 20Hrs ON,,, and 4 Off each day thru-out the week... is this a good idea should I knock it back up to 24 or?

Lights are about 5-6 inches away at say a 45* (Deg. angle) of CFL bulb as they are screwed to the lid, at the far end I have a 10 inch fan blowing across the top and into the box, enough to make the ladies dance around but not too ruff :thumb: :love:

Watering: using Fridge filtered water into a 6 gal water bottle and left in same room for 12 hrs for CL. to Evap.
Test Shows:

TEST 1: RAW TAP Drinking H20: CL=3.11,, Br=4.11,, PH=7.7
TEST 2: Filtered Fridge H20: CL=0.6,,, Br=1.3,,, PH=7.2
** add 5ml lemon to 6 gal drops Ph to 6.7

Temp Normally 79.3F
Avg Temp: (sun up) 78.7F // Hi 81.2F // Night low: 74.3F ,,, R/h: 15 to 20%,, Winds from the N.W @ 1 mph ;) via the Fan...

Anyhow, have now added and DIY'ed, (if you will) my watering system, went to the famous Harber fright tools and pick up a timer 9.99 and a 10 Gal/ph pond/fountain pump submerseable type 12.00, then went to home depot picked up some water line and a 5 Gal bucket, some 1/4 inch drip heads (x3) with control flow, and some "T" connector's 15.00... Got back home pulled out my old Fish Air pump and a brand new Air Break set that up in the 5 Gal Bucket, with the rest of the DIY drip kit, Very simply, "Connect the Dots" :thumb: ... Once all installed, to make the drip heads stay in place, I simply drilled a slightly larger hole to accommodate the 1/4 line and screwed in drip head so it was in side the pot so to speak of, well hanging over the bass of the stalk of the ladies in question ;) (x3)

the drip is dripping abt. 3 drops, every 1 second, and have set the H20 timer to go off:

0930 2 min Frist Drink (77F)
1130 1 min (78.1F)
1400 2 min (**hot 80~81.2F)
1600 1 min (Warm 79-80F)
1900 1 min (77.8F)
2100 1 min (77.6F)
2330 2 min (77.3F) Last drink

I am also trying to Control the Temp with watering as well, Again the flow of the Drip is slow no real pressure, but enough to drip all connecting heads, the ladies are sitting on an upside down plastic box as a stool this serves 3 Purposes:

1 to get them a bit closer to the light.

2 can Adj. the angle of the lid to lower the lid, would make lights closer to the ladies as to
increase/decrease Ambient Temp etc.

3 the Ladies are NOT sitting in the bottom of the "Drink" so to speak of :thumb:.

What I do need, is to figure out a good H20 time setting, Right now I have the ladies in a 1 Gal+1 Cup Ice cream tub, the pots are filled abt. 3/4 to the top.

The Ladies:
Amanda and Slenkie are the same height, but "Becky" is short, not sure whats going on with her, but the other two are twice as big, twice as tall. All seeds I planted/potted and in same grow Env. as the other two ladies, same soil, same water, same Temp, same everything...

No ill effects so far, but just the fading on "Becky" and the slow growth ???
any ideas on what to do or where to start looking for issues.
Also looking into Alpaca Soil Enhancement for nutrients ideas

thanks for any advice :thumb:
Keep rollin ;)
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Hi labexperiment,
tnx for the quick reply, sorry new to this group and dont know how to get pix from my pc to the 420 server?
all my pic are on the pc and no where else so I cant Add an Image from Url :bravo:
just beer with me ;)

ps just changed my profile pic to the 3 ladies in question...


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ok its been a while now @ week 11 from seed want to say thank you for the support on the photos help Thank you all ;)
anyhow anyone got any idea what this is?
Pix located: 1st pic of the picked leaf just stalk with no fan leaf:

rest of pix:
What is This? - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery

I am looking for some info on the above pictures, this is what is know as AZ REG from the Staiva strain, these plants are 11 weeks old from Seed and are in LST, in 5 gal tubs x3, under 4x (5000k) CFL, in a grow box with fan and reflective back top and sides. This has only affected the one plant (one head). I was up until 3 am last night crawling the web for answers even asked some friends, one said it was spiders mites, I have checked this out, and there are no signs of webbing or any thing crawling around, another said it could be mold, but again there is no ill effects of the leaf/plant in question; so I am kinda stomped as to what this is.

The Crystal (Xtal for short) you see on the top side of the base of the leaf is only on the top side of the leaf and Only between the Stalk and the main vains of the leaf, it is sticky at first but as I have already pulled that node off from the plant, to be safe, the Xtal seams to dry out making it hard like glue, it is also white looking and if put under a very bright light, you can see the Xtals reflect back. I am stomped, anyone have any idea whats going on here?
looking for Help

thank you
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