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'70s bush:19:. Yeah, on January 1, 1980... explorers discovered Brazil ;) .


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Can anybody help me identify whats going on with my plants?

On one of the plants I discovered these dark spots forming on the edges of some of the leaves along with discoloration on the tips that look light green/yellowish while the rest of the leave is supposed to look dark green/purple.

GG# 4.jpg

Then, separately on another plant I started noticing this brown/rush -like discoloration forming on a handful of leaves.
GG WW.jpg



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Fox Farm Ocean Forest
Have never grown with it, and not sure if could cause a Cal/Mag issue. But it does look like that or maybe pH? Hope you find someone who uses it. Have you tried calling Fox Farm, the manufacture is always a good source.


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Are you using any nutrients?
My last watering including the following :
1/4 Dose AN Connoiseur Grow A (Decided to add for the extra Nitrogen boost)
1/4 Dose AN Connoiseur Grow B
Full Dose Liquid Seaweed
Full Dose URB Natural
1 Tbs Moleasses
Ph'd to 6.5

Blew Hiller

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Bloody skunk ready to be harvested in a few days, OG Kush ready to take her place (started in her 7g) and 2x Berry Bombs preparing for their spots when the others are harvested.

1lb 14oz 2 plants.

Damn this club!! i only have a 5x5 and 4x3. I'm starting my own group :p