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The Basics Of Plant Lighting

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Try starting Here How to Grow Marijuana - Everything You Need to Know!
The rest is based on budget space and need

I looked and looked and couldn't find anything on CFL and LED combination lighting pros or cons. Thoughts?


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Maybe I didn't phrase the question rite. I'm wondering about using both a the same time. Do lights cancel out each other in any way by doing this or do the benefit any by doing this?


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I've found this common on all the LED's I have tested so far, they have excellent intensity just below the light (within the dimensions of the light) but more than 1' outside the direct overhead lighting, the lighting drops off quite a bit. I have found with LED it seems that more panels with less wattage is better than 1 large panel with lots of wattage. All of my different brands of LED do this, some carry the footprint better than others but they all drop off quite a big outside of a 2'x2' area for the most part. I think you are on the right track with more lower wattage lights to help extend the footprint.
LEDs are very directional in their light output, which has advantages and disadvantages. When you want light in a specific spot and not somewhere else, it's great. When you want to spread your light out more omni-directionally or spread it over a larger area, that's an issue. The exception is using LEDs in a volumetric optic. Certain lights do this to send the light out omnidirectionally (and to create broad light spectra that bare LEDs can't do). There are 11W screw-in bulbs and 155W fixtures, so it fits what you're describing of more, lower powered fixtures, while also distributing the light more broadly to penetrate and light more plant surfaces.

As you said, you still need enough light on all of those surfaces, but that style of LED lighting can get around the limitations of others when they arise.


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I use to flower using 1200w of hps. had to move to something smaller so stopped growing. now im getting back on the horse the LED horse that is. I must say so fare im actually very impressed, and i was one of the real haters of LED five yeas ago. now im sitting here eating my own hat :)

90 watt ufo

45 x 3 watt chipset

Leds mounted

# Blue LED (430nm).

# Royal blue LED (450nm).

# Blue LED 475nm.

Red LED (660nm).

# Orange/Red LED (640nm).

# Orange/Red LED (630nm)

keep it around 30-40 cm 12-16 inches drom my plants

2 x 12 watt E27 fitted LED lamps

Blå LED (430nm)

Royal blå LED (450nm).

Blå LED 475nm.

Dyb rød LED (660nm).

Rød LED (640nm).

used for side light
if used on top of plants about 8-12 cm 4-5 inches

i must say they seem to preform quite well in both veg and flower
i have not yet mounted air intake or outtake in my closet. only a 35 watt circulation fan.
temps are fine. But got to fix it before the next summer hits im just going with two 12v pc fans

Right now i got 1 Bagseed female. planted two in the pot but one was male so i digged up from the pot a few days after inducing flowering stage. i've been fimming and doing LST since 3-4 sets of leafs.
Its growing just with the ufo light no side lighting want to see the ufo fly solo sort to say.
the pot is a 50-60 liter pot with a lot of drilled airholes around the side and in the bottom.
Using a biobizz light mix soil
Fertz BioBizz Grow, Bloom, Topmax and Alg-A-Mic somewere according too the schedule provided by biobizz on their web site.
I feed it some rootjuice when repotted and root trimmed as well when repotted.
its going on day 30 of flower and looks like this

last grow were six Lowrider Roadrunner and RQS auto cheese, they started potted outside late summer and got a lot of rain even two attacks of hail :D they grew in shitty cheep soil with stonelayers gravel instead of perlite. but i still got to pull 60+ grams dried from 5 of them the last one i cut down a bit premature so did'nt get the weight from that one. they only had one month under the Ufo and it really did something good with those six saggy titted garden hoes of sorry plants i had started growing :D

So must say im satisfied. Im not pulling the yields i was doing before, but when i get proberly into the LEDs i expect to surpass my HPS yields per squarefeet at some point. when i get some 5 watt leds in my next closet, a have a secret plan on how to get me some massive buds even at the bottom of the bushy-ish bushes. its a massive downsizing from my old growrooms to this small closet. But actually i love it, i can now focus on upping the yield on a couple of plants, instead of having 40+ plants growing in 3 part cycle. My old grow was hydro so think i will go back to that at some point using LEDS, and see what that will get me.

Well that was my two penny of thoughts regarding LED
happy growing everybody :Namaste:


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nice to see you on board... note: numerous advantages with LED's, but one truly unprecedented advantage is the capacity to tailor a spectrum with targeted LED's... ex: the following spectrum is very efficient and only possible with LED's...



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Hosebomber, it looks like you may know what you are talking about. Could you take a look at my thread, "Home made power LED lights" and let me know if I'm missing any important colors? I also would like an opinion on adding UV's to my panels, but how much I'm not sure of. If I do change anything, or add anything it would not be for a few months, so I do have time to think over anything new.
Everybody enjoy.


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Well I broke down and bought another light. Got a Platinum P-150 to go with my P-300. I noticed the outer plants were drifting to the center of the P-300 and saw more trouble coming, so.... more light. I also added a 150 watt cool CFL 6500 k blue light.
My room is 5X2.5X6.5 with a small heater and humidifier. I added today the P-150 and I also put an aerator in the sump tray. I figured it may add Ox to the water? Figured it couldn't hurt. Temps running right around 75c .
Well now to try to post a pic. First try....
One pic shows the P-300 alone and others show both lights hung. Just did that a couple hours ago. I'll be adding a bigger fan in there today as well. If anyone sees room for improvement or suggestions, I'm all ears!! This is my first grow indoors and first Hydro system I've ever tried so you can't hurt my feelings, only enlighten me!! :thanks:



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Fucking 'eh!! it worked! lol (you guys don't understand what i had to go through to get it done!!)


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First of all, THANK YOU Hosebomber, the information here is amazing, it really has almost everything I could find elsewhere, condensed in a single place!

Now, I'm planning on building my own led panel, mainly for flowering. I've got 50 Red 610-630nm, 50 Red 650-660nm, 10 Royal Blue 445-455nm and 10 Blue 460-465nm. I selected them based on the photosynthesis peaks, is that enough? Btw, I'm not using all those 100 red leds, maybe 30 650-660 and 20 610-630. Also, I've got 4 infrared 800nm laying around here, from another project, are they usefull somehow for that Emerson effect? I didn't see any mention of that wavelength.



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Thanks Hosebomber, guess I'll leave the Emerson effect out. Instead of white leds, I'll keep some of the CFLs I'm using now, warm white 25w, 5 of those around the plants and the leds on top.


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I swiched from CFL to LEDs (180 & a 260mod), from HHUT , exp light burn (?) on the older lvs, could this come from the switdh to diff lighting, or too close (+- 18').


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Greetings from Singapore !

I've a few questions about lighting !

I'm using these CFL bulbs for my lil plant

The voltage says 200-250 for my bulb . But this adapter that i want to buy only consist of 125v .

Will the bulb be dimmer if i use this product ?

Also , will these products have any problems if all combined ?

Please give me an answer asap ! I'm so excited about growing my lil buddy !

And also , my bulbs are 75w and 85w but it says 425w and 330w output . Does it mean it's equal to using a 755w bulb ? :eek:

too old

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My first post here. I have been researching for awhile now trying to decide how to do my first grow. I just want to do 3 or 4 small autoflowering plants. There are a million lights to choose from, I honestly can't tell the good from the bad. Can someone please point me towards a decent light that will work for me in the 150.00 range, preferably on Ebay or Amazon? It doesn't matter to me a whole lot if it is HPS or LED or what, I can change my build to accommodate different types. I just don't want to buy junk. Thanks!
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