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The Beans x6 - a Learning Experience

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Well here goes nothing....trying again :love:

This journal is not about harvest but my first time growing from seed and attempting my hand at 2 flux's with back building. Of course harvest is the end result:love:

Seeds are reg Sour Diesel from another grower....lets begin.

What strain is it: Sour Diesel, also known as Sour D, is a hybrid strain of cannabis. It is a cross between 91 Chemdawg and a super skunk/northern lights.

Seeds placed in Rock wool 10/15/14 with H20 set at 6.0ph

Indoor or outdoor: Indoor

Soil: Sunshine organic #4

Repotted into 1 gal containers for veg, then up potted into 5's for some more veg time...Non Flux's

Flux's will be in 20's and I hope the 2 I choose are female.

Lights: T5's for veg and 2 600w HPS for flower

Aircooled: Yes

Environment: with A/C and dumidifier shooting for 75F - 24/7

RH above 50% in veg, below 50% for flower

Any Pests: No!

Watering approx every 3-5 days as needed.

Nutes: Cutting Edge Solutions (First time using this)

While my hopes are always about a great harvest, this journal is my attempt at beginning from seed, fluxing and back building to minimize problems on my first seed order grow.

6 Beans went into rock wool 10/15/14 and 3 were placed into soil today...2 more have popped this morning and most likely will get transplanted tomorrow maybe later today...6th one has yet to pop

A couple pics to follow just to begin documenting my journey. :Namaste:

Just popped this morning

3 popped and transplanted into soil

Not related to this grow but in waiting......

2 Revegging Plushberry's

4 misc Teens also in waiting


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Re: Heady and the beans x6...a learning experience w/flux x 2

Update 10/20/14

All 6 beans have been transplanted into soil and 1gal pots now sitting approx 8" under a 24" 2 bulb T5

All are thin as heck right now but alive and hardening off I think with lower stem going kinda purple??

1 has folded over and is touching the soil, does not appear to be dried out.....I placed a clear plastic glass over it to see if it survives.

The rockwool plugs felt already dried out so 4TBS per seedling @ 25% of full nute strength was applied today.

This may be a problem at such a young age but I will see soon I expect.

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Re: Heady and the beans x6...a learning experience w/flux x 2

sounds good .. i wanna see the fluxing from start.. im in!!!

i had to quit using rock wool cause it seemed to dry out weird.. i use rapid rooters now and love them!


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Re: Heady and the beans x6...a learning experience w/flux x 2

I may have slightly messed up as my seedlings are getting tall 3-4"+

I moved them closer to the T5 for now at 8".

For now the solution will be planting deeper in the next pot upgrade burying the long stem.

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Re: Heady and the beans x6...a learning experience w/flux x 2

i used to bury the stem and shoot for a plant that didnt stretch but now i let it stretch 2-3 inches so it makes it easier to get to the pot for feeding ..

i guess with fluxing u don't want any stretch though.

you run your t-5 at 8 inches? damn i have mine at 3 to 4.

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Re: Heady and the beans x6...a learning experience w/flux x 2

make sure u have a fan blowing across the canopy so the heat will be pushed away from the plants and it will make her stronger!!

her is my jack widow from 6 days ago . i was neglecting her and had her a foot from the light .


and here she is 6 days later 3 inches from the light .


check out my signature for other helpful links and contest!!


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re: The Beans x6 - a Learning Experience

Quick update...

Not sure how the flux's will go being my first seed grow, but things are moving forward.

The 6 reg seeds just hanging out under the T5...The stretch was due to not having the light close enough but they are responding well now.
They each received 1 cup of H2O yesterday and back under the T5 18/6


4 clones for future endeavors (1 Plushberry and 3 LA) ...soon to be five, waiting on one more to show roots from the rockwool and dome set up most likely by tomorrow


The 4 teens...feed 2 cups H2O yesterday and will up pot into 5's later today.
I did get a very slight nute burn on them....most likely from my switch from FF to CES and trying to get proper dose adjusted for the teens....Feeding nutes at 25% strength next 2 weeks, then probably move them into the flower room.


And because I ran out of closet/veg space I had to fire up the damn MH...I hate to run it but gotta do what ya gotta do to keep things moving...the revegging Plushberry's...weird as heck looking but finally they have shown new growth.


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