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The Best Reverse Osmosis Systems Ever


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Id love to see what RODI systems people are using for water in their hydroponic rooms. Tell how much they cost and why you like it. Maybe some numbers on the water it produces, ease of use, and portability.


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I use the Bulk Reef Supply 150 GPD setup. Works great, @$200

I guess it could be portable, but mine is not. Will fill @40 gallons in 4 hours or so at 70psi


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not to be a wise guy,but I use rain water.ph7 and 30ppm.it does get hard if you need a bunch,but my requirements are less than 50 gallons per week.
I am searching for a r.o unit,so I will observe the answers given:high-five:


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I also use a Bulk Reef Supply RO system. I have the 75 gallon per day which is more than enough for my needs. It's not portable (although they do sell a portable version) My Bluelab PPM meter doesn't show any reading at all in the processed water.


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I noticed HTG supply has a pure 100 system for a good price and its portable. It says 0ppm water...at 50 or 75 gallons a day...I cant remember. Check it out and tell me what you think.
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