The Best Strains Of Marijuana For Pain Relief

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Been reading the great info here and still looking to see if theirs anything specific one can look up for ailments. I recently made my own oil and still experimenting, the Insomnia is over so that's a relief, however I still have to deal with periodontal disease and Tendon inflammations in my feet. I only do edibles, so far they have helped the pain reduction/recover much faster but I still trying to "Cure" the ailments so the Inflammation is what im focusing on now. Using CBC Critical mass and Pink Kush, I made the oils at 10% (10grams bud with 100mls Coconut oil), I do 2cc oil to a cake pan 9x9 cutting 9 pieces, I get a light buzz on one piece, however I dont know how much I should be taking to deal with my situations.