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The best year for you?

Last year. I've not been smoking regularly until last year. My wife is my bud buddie - so she's around.

Before that, the only strain that had a name was Ice Princess - that was some killer stuff. Dunno what happened to any of my peeps from back in the day.
Some of the Mexican sativas I have smoked could leave you frantic.
Red Top Columbian knocked your face in the dirt.
Real Thai stick was amazing.

When I grew Chocolate Chunk I could only smoke it right before bed.
Put my head on the pillow and started snoring.
I fell in love with it. Then was told it wasn't strong enough to breed with.

All my originals bud buddies don't smoke any more.


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Had a bunch of dirt weed when i was younger. And every now an then some good mids would come around. Not until the early 90s i meet someone who put me on to real weed. It was some dro his dad was growing. I remember the stuff had a bluish hue to it. Giggle fits like a mofo lol
last year for me as well. smoked pretty much every day, always had it. good times. oh and i just want to say that all of you guys are awesome! compared to most other forums, everyone on here is very nice, helpful and friendly. thank you guys!
Last year, as far as marijuana is concerned.
1994- big bud, bubblegum.-----my first bud buddy is now a chemical engineer if you know what i mean.
Oh god its so hard to say, most of the past decade is nothing but a blur to me so its hard to recall any year specifically. As for bud, wow. I mean its hard to say. I do know my favorite strain - which is as said in other thread, Afghan #1. Old school but great. I'm in touch with most of my smoking buddies, how ever with age come change. they are now spread from japan to Europe.
2008. I smoked alot of white widow, sour diesel, and kush that year, cause my pockets had the mumps. I smoked those dank strains on the regular and was going thru about an eigth of dank a day every day. I also had alot of epic ounce kush smokeouts with friends. I still have the connections to the good stuff, but im too broke right now. The recession really raped my bank account, so from summer 09 to present I been smoking mid except when around friends that want to share dank.
real deal was gone here years ago due to corrupt some beaches. yes it is that bad. i get nothing out of lying. only they do. plus an also tax free [check]. and the whole time i thought i was the dirty one. you learn something new every twenty years gone by.---------dirty is as dirty does.
What a "loaded" question:slide: I mean I still remember the first time I got high, a real out of body experience, as vividly as if it happened yesterday. Oh wait, it's pushing 40 yrs now. I remember, comming home from overseas and smoking colombian gold for the first time, thinking, man they must of laced this with something, and before then it had mostly been Mexican green bought by the 4 finger oz for twelve bucks. Yea there was some panama red, some Oxacan and occasionally some Thai stick mixed in as well. And yea, over the years the smoke has gotten stronger and stronger and so has my tolerance. So, the best year, well I hope it's this year:thumb:

My two closest smoking "budz" from the day are still around, unfortunately they both got caught up in much stronger drugs, ones clean and the other is just waiting
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soon enough i'll be a lost bud buddie... but after 20 years max I'll be back on the pot! i wonder if i'll forget about smoking after that much time has passed... or if I'll somehow be able to every now and then during that time... we'll see.

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This past year has been my best year for quality bud. Always had fairly decent bud (no dirt weed), but the "green rush" of California has top quality strains readily available....and LOTS of it!!

So, I say 2009 and into 2010 have to be my best bud years.....

First guy I smoked with....haven't seen him since I left for college, 25 yrs ago.

i actually heard from a good friend of mine that he was able to smoke some Thai stick a week or two ago... I didn't even know it was still around, or if it was that it was around here as we live pretty much in the middle of nowhere, in a town with like three hundred people as the population... he said he was smokin it and blowin it in his prego GF's face and she got "laughin high." must have been some kind bud! i was so jealous.
they all been good yrs except for 1996-1998 and 2007-2009

my first stoner buddy, a childhood friend who still lives in same house in mother's basement. think he's like 34 now and gay


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I have to say this year. Started growing, and was lucky enough to have one female which happens to be the biggest and oldest plant I have. Total I have 6, 1 in flowering the others veg, and one is a successful cloned (first clone). I'm quite excited to see them grow and taste testing my first harvest. Due in 2 months.

Interesting thread. ^_^