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The Big Lebowski

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I probably consider The Big Lebowski the best movie ever ever, anyone who hasn't seen it must go pick it up right away. Yes he does smoke weed in the movie (not alot).

Who's your favorite character in the movie? Besides The Dude i'm going to say John Goodman.

YouTube - Big Lebowski trailer
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yea flea is funny as hell too just cause its him... "mind if i do a joint?"
Hell yes The dude is the shit. I would put this movie at the top of my favorites.
Fargo was good too... but, the dude is the man for his time and place.

"You said it man, nobody fucks with the jesus."
big lebowski is one of the greatest movies ever....... " shut the FUCK up Donnie! "

id have to say walter is an awesome char. as well- "you are entering a world of pain..."

also have to love john turturros char. 'jesus' - " are you ready to be fucked man?" 'jesus!' "you said it man.... nobody fucks with the Jesus! " '8 year olds Dude...'
"What the hell is this!?"

"Obviously you're not a golfer." - and the guy is holding a bowling ball. That is the best line ever in any movie.