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The Big Lebowski


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C l a s s i c


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I sure wouldn't compare myself but I sure have plenty of acquaintences who fit the profile. :3: :peace:


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I have a sig pic that tells the same. but I can't get it in there, i think its over the line.

Anyways, The chinamen pissed on the dudes rug. I think we can all see instances like this in our own lives. The Rug = my Sack. The chinamen = The dog.

Next we move on to see the dude Bowls, and we all bowl like him.
Bowling balls and pins = Sex, Drugs, Rock and roll. Giving in and crossing the line, meeting strange people and just getting coffee cup'd to the Eagles(i hate the fucken eagles).

And Bunny. Well we all get a lil log jammin everyonce in a while.


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When he is listening to CCR and he throws the roach out the window, but the window isn't open and it lands in his lap and he puts it out with the beer and crashes his car.

That's defiantly one of the funniest scenes. That and smashing up that guys Corvette! :laugh2:


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lol, me and my friend just picked a random movie out of his movie rack (hes got like a billion, burns dvds) and thats the movie we picked, never seen it before. but i thought it was just wierd how like a week after i saw it for the first time and heard of it i see this haha :1:


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yeah yako, I know what you mean. it's an older flick and I've never seen it but the day I started watching it we went over to a friends and they were like "we were just watching the big lebowski" and I was like "woah, us too" and then the next day at work my friend comes up to me and said "Man, I just watched the big lebowski last night"
freakin weird


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I'm gonna smoke some Kryp and watch it later.


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I don't roll on Shabbos!!!

So many great quotable lines in that movie.


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"The Dude abides" This is a hilarious movie!


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Best movie ever... my girlfriend and I just watched it for the 10th time. Lebowskifest is one of the best parties I've ever been to and I just LOVE to bowl. I have the league shirt he wears at the end of the movie (says Medina Sod on the back).

chefwatson. :tokin:
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