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The Birth & Evolution Of A Dragon


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Salutations my friends and geetings to any new members that might join my adventure to the mystical world of dragons. I have a few grows going but this is the lucky one I choose to journal since it the very beginning.

I am using a mix of spanghum moss vermiculite and perilite. It is also infused with some crushed washed eggshells and some seedlingers fertilizer made from sea bird poop.

I will be using Gh flora series go box adjusting the schedule as I see fit. I will also be adding calimag, unsulphoured molasses and epsom salts when needed and also as a preventive measure. I also have flower fuel by element nutrients but have yet to decide if I will be implementing it this go around.

My area's are as follows I have a 2x2x3 veg tent which im using 4 2ft t5 h.o. Cfls 2 are 2700k 2 are 6500k along with a blizzard fan. Heat has not and should not be an issue due to cfls low heat. If it does happen to become an issue I will hook a vent from my veg tent to flower tent for better circulation plus the use of the carbon filter if need be.

Flower tent is 3x3x6.5 I am using a mars hydro 300, a galaxy hydro 300 and 6 100w equivalent 1600lumen 2700k cfls for side lighting.
I have a 6 inch inline fan pulling through a 4inch scrubber with just passive intake of leaving vent flaps open. I have a green hornet light in the room so the open vents will not be a problem during dark cycle

My lights on temp and rh is average 76/60 day and 69/60 lights off in the veg tent. And 76/35 lights on and 62/45-50 lights out.
I also have a blizzard oscillating fan and a clip fan in my flower tent.

I will be starting in a starter pot about the size of a large dixie cup and will be transplanting into a 2 gallon pot with her final home being a five gallon bucket with ample holes drilled for air.

So this is the dragon egg I stumbled across

I placed this egg into a folded paper towel then folded. I took it out of the container of course[emoji6]
I then wet the paper towel and applied 2 drops of rapid rooter. Now into the ziplick she goes
I then dug out my germ station heat mat
and I placed the bag with the wet paper towel and egg between the plates and sat on the heat mat.

Now my germ heat mat heats up to ten degrees above ambient room temp unless you have a thermostat which I do not have so I place an extra plate underneath as a heatsink to prevent over heating.
now this egg will sit there until I check on her in 48 hours to see if she hatched.[emoji6]

I will chime in then to give updates on my dragon and to show you step by step my methods and even how I set up my pots.

I think this journal is going to be more newbie friendly as compared to my last journal which was very educational and informative but was like an a.d.d journal due to how much the topic changed minute to minute. this journal I plan on having broken down step by step with pictures the process which we will take together. Kinda like dragon raising for dummies now I just cant wait for my chapter on HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON (which is actually a cool movie btw) who needs kids as an excuse to watch animated movies?.........not this guy[emoji12]

Feel free to follow along and feel free to just be yourself and ask questions if you need to. There is no such thing as a stupid question but their is alot of stupid people who think questions are stupid but lets just ignore them.

And if I ever start letting my ego get big and telling someone some tool shit like why don't you go read all 900 pages to find your answer god I'm tired of repeating myself.......then just smack me if you ever see me. I hate those types of douches[emoji13]

See you soon


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Cool thx for stopping by glad to have ya. This journal should be easy to keep up with because im mainly gonna use this for a turorial journal so the post will most likely just be weekly updates with what is being fed and tutorials on how I choose to train. This plant will be topped and lst'd so my apologies if this journal is slow paced but I can only go as fast as the plant grows. Maybe next time I will thoroughly document a grow and then post the whole grow in one condensed time lapsed journal with pics but thats a future project.

I want people to be able to read a few pages to find their answers instead of trying to find an answer in 900 pages. Most of us like the quick fix instant gratification type response in my opinion

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Maybe next time I will thoroughly document a grow and then post the whole grow in one condensed time lapsed journal with pics but thats a future project.

I totally get this. And agree wholeheartedly. I have tried to get a start to the grow documentation before starting the journal so it blasts through the seedling and initial Veg stage. I like your idea.
I journal mostly for my own reference so I can go back and figure out what it what, what date how long and how much. that sort of thing.
I will forget over and over again almost everything.


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Glad to see you have a new journal going. I hope you have a great grow and lots of pictures. Did you chop your last plant yet? This is a picture of cotton candy last night. She is swelling up so fast it's crazy
it sucks I found out my Afghan was a male and already have pollen from that strain so I chopped and threw away. Happy growing. You should start DWC already I KNOW YOU COULD GET GREAT MEDS FROM IT ESPECIALLY YOU!!!!

my new dwc Afghan Kush run and flowering mothers

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