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Hey everybody it's time for round number 2.
Same environment as my last journal. I run a 11x10x9 grow room. It is a closed system that I am supplementing with co2. Inside the Grow room I have a 4x11 space for flower and a 5.5x3.75 veg room. I will grow ten plants in each zone at a time. Goal is to have a harvest every 60 days of 10 plants. I will veg for 50 days and then most of my strains flower from 60-70 days.

2 lost coast OG Humboldt
2 Russian doll Kannabia
2 Aphrodite Kannabia
2 Cheese Seedsman
1 Blueberry Seedsman
1 Amnesia x OG RQS my last
There are 5 seeds that I am currently growing in the mix and 5 that are new to me.

Growing in
Coco is my chosen medium. I use pure coco except for a 4 inch rockwool cube. I water just the cube for the first couple of weeks and try to get the roots to air prune back in. In my current Grow I did one test plant with no cube and the stem is def skinnier on a good sized plant.

Feed everyday. Lots of times 2-3 times per day. Always feed never do I use water. Even now my seedlings I am feeding 230ppm. I will bowl train them out and ponytail to catch up the bottom nodes. Will tie them down in mid veg until 2 weeks into flower or when pistils show. This seemed to work the best of my tests in the first Grow. Once I have vegged them for 50 days I will move them over to the flower room. Or as soon as Room comes available and the plants are ready.

I grow for 4 other medical patients and myself. All my patients are on disability and can't afford their meds. I want to provide quality flower and extracts to my patients. Yield would be great as well but the main goal is medicinal value. Ultimately in this crop I will identify the 4 best growers and expand my horizons by cloning. I really want to clone amnesia OG so I hope she is the same pheno as the first. Lost coast OG and Russian doll are also plants that I currently like the way they grow and I believe at the end of the day will help maximize my space.


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Great video so2178 !
I loved the virtual tour and your new little veg room .
That's perfect size too man .
Your plants look great, even that little scraggly one - i forgot the name .
Los coast is a fine plant , i might have to give that a try myself.
Anyways , thanks alot for letting us in your secret laboratory. You have a wicked set up .
Oh and those emerald nutrients look like laundry detergent bottles lol lol .
It had me fooled thinking were next to washers and dryers for a minute.
I cant wait to see more videos soon , good job !
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