The Bong Vs. The Vaporizer


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well i've only vaped once but that was with a volcano so it was one of the better smokes of my life...the problem with vapes is space and time though which makes bongs ideal to me at this time in my life...that and just a traditional thing haha:bong:


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Both have the time and place imo. I like the process of smoking pot better than vaping it, so I am partial.

I still prefer the bong. Right now, I'm sucking some sweet-tooth down my phx trinity, and I'm loving it. If I still had my volcano, I'd probably be vaping some as well. I didn't use it enough to keep it though.


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I <3 bongs, no question


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Ive never smoked from a vap. favorite is the bong for right now :smokin:


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I really like my RooR. Hell... I love RooRs. But they are nothing compared to my volcano vaporizer. It is no question, Volcanos > RooRs
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