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Member of the Month: Nov 2009 i always give advise i think its about time i back up my words with a journal.I just hope all goes well with publisizing this grow. Its a combo if both soil and hydro done in a enclosed growing area.

What strain is it? 96' bubba kush and Rainbowkush

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Hybrids

current stage: Flower
Veg: 3 weeks
Flower: just turned the schedule to 12/12 today
Location: Indoor
Medium: Soil and Hydro
soil mix: foxfarm ocean forest, perlite, peatmoss, seabirdguano domalite lime
size pot: 1 gallon pots
Size of light: aircooled 1000k
Temp of Room/cab: 69-82.5 degrees
RH of Room/cab: 45-55 %
PH of media or res: hydro-5.6 soil-6.2
How often are you watering: hydro - 4 x's daily soil-every 2 - 3 days
Type and strength of ferts used? combo-g.h, house and garden, dutchmaster, B.C, A.N, and R.O water

these are the strains:
96' bubba kush

rainbow kush

now its time to grow:ganjamon:

The Butcher

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k so heres the set up..

*2 12 site D.W.C systems
(these are being done under C.F.L due to a burned out ballast)

*32 site P.V.C N.F.T system(i built it myself, done this system for years)
*2 D.W.C buckets
*17 1 gln. soil containers

this is only 12 in the veg. room tonight i will putting the other 12 in the room.

so her are the picts:

veg first


next are the flowering room:







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Hell yeah Butcher!
Got the popcorn, some good smoke and just put my feet up for this one bro!
Looking forward to it!

Are you going for SOG or SCROG? seems like a lot of plants in one room? 24?

Anyway, looking forward to it man! :peace:

The Butcher

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havent figurged out the scrog 1 out yet, my 400 watt ballast just burnt out after a million years of using it..

i usually s.o.g the rooms but this time we'll see.I love experimenting.i'm working on another cabinet for a breeding project.if all goes well i plan on sending some seeds out so a chosen few.but thats later .
one more thing i got some seeds on order i'm on a search for some true cheese(skunk #1-pheno)


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Hey that bubba stuff looks the biz whats the aroma, has it changed over cuttings?How big is the box ? dont i sound nosey.mines all white widow.How to grow it,smoke it and post pics so far I,m managing two out of three respect to you lot

The Butcher

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thanx to all for the support and comments on this grow.

whitecloud-thanx for stoping by and for the respect.well the bubba smells like a bubble gum fruit salad. if you can imagine that.No the strain hasn't chang much over the years.
its a cut off an original bubbkush plant has been in my circle of friends since 96.and its still going strong.the box is 4x4x7.i have it set up so the door is basicly the wall facing me allowing me better access to the whole system and plants.


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Check out that 2nd link in your signature bro, it takes you to the forum root, not a poll or whatever you originally intended me thinks?

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thanx Cachagua didnt notice that.

Deadtour and Sillyolpun-thanx for the rep

staytuned i'll post some picts of the girls awake today the other ones were with the lights out.
TODAY will be the start of 12/12.I will be giving these straians 70 days or 10 weeks to finish.The bubba can be picked at 50-55 days but i usually like to them set longer.thats when they really fatten up.

The Butcher

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:welcome:k heres the new roll a fatty:rollit: and enjoy the picts:

these are the veg.its funny their growing pretty good under the cfl's, im shocked their under 3 42 watt cfl, e ways here we go..



here are the next generation:


:48: the flowering chamber:



This is my sea of green..


this photo is the soil pots being put in a seperate room while the room gets worked on or just to take photos, otherwise they stay with the others.

this one has been in the mini bucket under hps for only 1 week out of the cloning chamber.the root ball keeps going into the bucket..:

these 2 are both 6 inches.both are the same strain.just one in soil and 1 in hydro.This is just to see what they would produce when being put in so small as well as to see which 1 comes out more potent.Teamgilly inspired this 1:


hope you enjoied..DAMN I'M STONED..

Doctor Dread

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Great looking garden man! The plants in veg look fantastic. You'd be surprised how much growth a few 42 watters can crank out.

Peace brother


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Hey Butcher, your flowering gals look a lil down in most of the pic's. I have a few specific questions for ya...

Whats your pH at?

What does the temps average?

Whats your RH at?

I'm just a little concerned with the droopiness bro, thanks.


The Butcher

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Doctor Dread,dfw-guy and wheelofortune(great grow wheel +rep)- thanks for the vote of confidence.thats what makes me want to go bigger and better everytime.nothings better then when theres support.AAhhh damn guys your going to make me cry..j/k

but on the real thats what really helps with everybodies grow.Its all about the support.
i'm trying to find a good strain to throw in the mix.any suggestions?

Oh... and the butchers beading project is coming soon.the cabs being built rite now.just working some kinks out.but thats another story.
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