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It was chill. I had a fatty of some of the bubba that i was the fiest grow in this journal. The actual plant that that fatty came off is in here somewere. I called it pit, after pitviper. That plant was insane. I saw how yours was. That's one fat rally. You n your boy were (((TOASTED)))..:19:

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Hey thanks ya'll. I'm just finishing up the SOG. I thought it would be another week but I think thats going to change I checked the trichs last night and they at about 40 % amber, So there wont be a dark period. I dont want a complete couchlock :)sorry: OMM :19:) Seeing how this grow was for the patients, I want to give them a lil variety as far as trich counts go. The crop that just finish drying was at about 30% amber. So that should be good. We're at the proverbial 3 day window. I can honestly say that the SOG is at the peek of its potency. Today makes day 2 of that 3 day window. Time to chop tonight. I showed a pict to my freind the other day and well, you'll see. Here you go:

Ok so this is what hapens when you cross 3 powerhouse strains:

BLACK MIST (Black Widow x Kali Mist x Super Silver Haze)






Hope yall enjoy the spread of Black Mist picts. I've been trimmin for the last few days. It been madness in the drying closets. I'll keep everyone posted on how the new set up in the room goes.:ganjamon:


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This makes post number 4200!!!

Yeah no problem. This SOG is going to be a lil finicky, due to so many different nute tolerances. But thats been the format I've been going with lately. Its worked out great. If theres one thing that growing all these years has taught me about canna. Is that you want to get her through to week 6-8(even 5 if its an 8 week strain) before pumpin the real heavy nutes. If you can fallow that guideline anyone can grow a great crop. But they gotta know when to see that the plants arent liken' the high ppms. Cause sometimes less is more. I've grown sativas that only need the basics and came out just as heavy as a heavy feeding strain. But yeah no problem, I'll take note starting at week 6 then update with a weekly run down of daily intake. I'll make sure I keep you in the loop.:439:

Oh yeah do you want me to take the SOG rez. info or the LA Women rez's info? There will also be 2 of those, as I am hooking up a flood&drain table tonight .

Hey, I'm honored, your reply to me was your 4200th! Cool man.

I've been pretty busy the last few days so thanks now for your future records. I think they'll help everyone to see what they are eating daily through the cycle. My SD weren't eating anything the last couple of weeks so it was really just a matter of watching them go through their fall color change and the last days, kind of a caretakers roll. I think they came out pretty good, we'll see after they dry and cure.


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Butch your work is so inspiring man that black mist is just outta control such a beautifuly colored wonderful lookin plant i wish i could smell and feel it and i gotta say you truly deserve a seed company with breeding skills like that:goodjob:ALL HAIL SLAUGHTERHOUSE BREEDING! Were' not worthy! We're not worthy!:adore::adore::adore:haha great job man:439:

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No doubt about it - that is a winner!

I am in awe. So many folks talk about breeding. That is true, professional quality breeding. World Class!

+Reps of course if I can.


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Ill double check my notes when I get home. Off the top of my head I know its 6+ crosses. I know its more. There have been so may crosses over the years I get some mixed up. Between that and being medicated I forget sometimes.
Hence the need for notes.

That Black Mist is some beautiful weed brother. Great job on the strain!

How many times is she backcrossed now?

:peace: brother.

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I honestly gotta come with somthing to put you all in aww. A plan is in the works for the next thread. No matter what it is BIG or small I will make sure it will top what has been done so far. Weather it be strains or just plain growwin. Either way my next thread will be one to remember. Just one more harvest for this book then on to the next one. It will be sometime, however it will be to showcase forsure:ganjamon:
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