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Thanx. Still workin on the blueprint for it. It won't be set into stone for a while. If things fall in place, sooner. I really want to focus on the breeding sitch a lil' more. Considering I've neglected it lately. The Purple Reign is doing good, so this will be mom if she produces some good smoke. Thats a convo for the breeding journal though. I got some new picts coming up, over there. But, as for this SOG theres so many different strains to choose from, it will make the next run pretty fun. New strains to learn, maybe switch up nutes, maybe not. Those are the questions that need to be answered. so til' then, we all still have this sog and buckets going for another 4 weeks. I figure that should keep the slaughtering going.:thanks:


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Thatsa nicea buds dude. Sweet looking like always.


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hey butch since you are growin that LA confidential i thought i would ask if you have had Recon the weird sub strain of it got some today and damn was i impressed hope the scrog and everything else is growin well:peace2:


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I wish it was LA Con. but its LA Women the 2 can easily be confused. Recon...:30:. I'll have to check on that one...You can google anything..:19:

Ah my bad man lol def easily confusable specially when medicated:439:and def check it out it had hues of pink blue and purple and tasted like a lemonhead mixed with a junior mint :yahoo:so bomb dude:smokin:


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I honestly gotta come with somthing to put you all in aww. A plan is in the works for the next thread. No matter what it is BIG or small I will make sure it will top what has been done so far. Weather it be strains or just plain growwin. Either way my next thread will be one to remember. Just one more harvest for this book then on to the next one. It will be sometime, however it will be to showcase forsure:ganjamon:

I don't know how to break it to ya butch but I am always in awe when I come in here.


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Ok so this is what hapens when you cross 3 powerhouse strains:

BLACK MIST (Black Widow x Kali Mist x Super Silver Haze)






Hope yall enjoy the spread of Black Mist picts. I've been trimmin for the last few days. It been madness in the drying closets. I'll keep everyone posted on how the new set up in the room goes.:ganjamon:

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Whoa butch. Sorry I haven't stoped in a while, been runnin around and finally caught my breath for a couple. Holy efffin damn bro those buds just leave me speechless. I'm always floored whenever I come thru here Butch. Glad to see you're doin good bruddah. Congrats on becoming GS Staff as well.

Stay up bro,

The Butcher

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Thanks All. I've been having computer issues. Can't get my damn wireless hooked up right. All of a sudden things went crazy, so I switched out all the equipment. And now this, my other equipment is blown so now I'm tryin to figure this thing out. I hate hardlining the internet. I prefer to use my laptop for all canna issues. I actually cleared it completely out and have dedicated it to the site and for informational purposes only. No personal info or anything else. Just 420, its kinda crazy, but its good to know that all my info isn't just packed away into one p.c. I think one of the best inventions of modern times is the flashdrive. I just love those lil bastards. Anyhow heres a few picts of harvest. I'm working on more photos (well after i get this internet situation fixed) :

And yes this is a laundry basket full of buds as I took them out of their home.


Island Style:


Look at the foxtailing on this badgirl:


Can you see the calyx on the leaf ?


More to come..eventually:19:



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Besides the ENTIRE LAUNDRY BASKET full of buds :11:...wow :33:, nice photography dude! Beautiful shots! :goodjob:

Send those in high rez format to 420Magazine yet? :rasta:

:peace: brother. +rep

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Besides the ENTIRE LAUNDRY BASKET full of buds :11:...wow :33:, nice photography dude! Beautiful shots! :goodjob:

Send those in high rez format to 420Magazine yet? :rasta:

:peace: brother. +rep

I was looking at walmart today for different trays or whatever to lay the buds/branches in when I chop. For some reason it never occurred to me to use a laundry basket!




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Hi Butcher Everyone else has said it all. A laundry basket? I only wish!:439:
You know which I loved Brada.......the Plumeria !:thumb:

The Butcher

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You know guys/gals its funny. this is definetly one of the best harvest of the last year since joining the site. And :thanks: all for beig a part of it. Still havent got the wireless situation fixed. Obviosly wont be having any techs come out and work on the problem. SO I have to wait on one of my friends (a fellow grower) to get home from going up north so he can get it workded out. So I'll be in and out today. Thats one thing I love about these new "smart" phones, at the least I can stay online via phone. (Thank You Android & Google :19:) Again thanx for the comments and anyone know of a good laundromat ? MY patients haven't even seen their meds yet. I recently filled all their medicine jars full and said I will be switching it out once the curing process is finished. the smell is instant on the Black Mist. No cure and the smell is there. But I want the patients to enjoy a nice smooth fresh cured medication. When I was visiting last, I tried to get the doc to try some. He laughed said: "Thanx but, no thanx" he's more of a wine drinker so I'm got him a private winery tour from one our most prestigious wineries. I stright traded an ounce for it too. Get this not only is the son of the owner of that winery one of my former patients, but after teaching him how to grow. He mentioned to me on the low his pops enjoys a nice glass of vino, but a stoggie full of his favorite kine. So a lil Black Mist fixed that right up. I can't wait to see the docs' face when we (His patients & I) give it to him. I wish there were more dr's. like him. Well actually the whole department.

Anyhow.. I got a favor to ask of each and every one of you who stop by this thread. Please be sure to stop by our JACK HERER MEMORIAL and show some support by showing your respect by either commenting or just stopping by. 420 (member) has spent countless hours posting picts and putting together a whole section dedicated to JACK HERER. He was a great man who we all will miss. I remember losing my mentor. So please stop by adn show support not just to the community, but to ROB himself for suffering the loss of a hero, mentor and friend. I'm sure sure each and everyone of you will show your support so thatnk you in advance. Heres the link :

Jack Herer Memorial - 420 Magazine

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