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The Chokeberry Fruit Gall Midge

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There has been much debate over what the little, slimy, orange budworms are that pop up spinning their webs just as you're about to post/boast your bud progress. I have even seen them likened to thrips larvae, an entirely different borer, but a borer nonetheless.

This is what I'm talking about...

They are the Chokeberry Fruit Gall Midge (Contarinia Virginianae). They are actually the larvae (maggots) of tiny flies that lay them on the underneath of your cannabis leaves and they bore through the leaves to the main stalk,making home of where petioles emerge until the "fruit" appears and then eventually emerging there weaving their web in your buds in order to reproduce a new generation. Indoor growers, you are not immune! You have flies, don't you? Not even one?

Once you have one larva, you have many larvae! There is no quick/slow fix once you have them for they are in your stalk, eating your hopefuls alive from the inside out. You may try cutting one limb, then two, but eventually your entire plant/crop is lost.

The only cure is prevention! They, among just about any known outdoor predator, are easily dissuaded by 5% Sevin Dust. *GASP* "Oh no, what are you suggesting?", you may ask. Sevin Dust does nothing to harm your buds. At harvest you douse/rinse your buds in water thoroughly and then slap a fan on that shit, but not so long as to over-dry them, just log enough to where you're comfortable moving the direct fan air to circulating air, paying close attention so as to not mold your chicks. Neem oil is an utter waste of time and money!

I do advise rinsing Sevin Dust off your plants once a week, if not for the sake of refreshing, but also for photo opportunities. But don't wait too long before a reapplication or devastation & heartbreak loom around the corner. If there is any doubt, just follow along with any of my grows, no bug-bites. The dust in no manner hinders photosynthesis.

No, Sevin Dust does not affect your smoke, just rinse thoroughly at harvest and then dry by fan until all external moisture is evaporated, then dry normally.
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