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The Chongkeys


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Alternative Rock Reggae band from the island, the Philippines. Mixing their music from various type of genre, or as they say "to what ever music we grow into, that's our genre, coz like any plant we will grow!"...

For more pictures & information do check out their facebook page-

(link) - The Chongkeys


It should not be limited to chill out groove rebellion songs, one drop beat... Reggae for us is closer to Lee Scratch Perry's description of Reggae "It's like a dog enjoying ripping a piece of cloth, while you pull it from him"


The Chongkeys self tittled album was release in 2011 with 11 tracks.


watch their videos on youtube just type - The Chongkeys


Johan Lugyu - Guitar Vocals


*MORE PICS & STORIES TO COME* we'll update soon... meanwhile enjoy their stories, videos & more in their Facebook page -> The Chongkeys

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