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The Clinical Pharmacology And Dynamics Of Marihuana Cigarette Smoking

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We have studied the dynamics of marihuana smoking, the plasma concentration of delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and the pharmacologic effects produced by the sequential smoking of two 1% marihuana cigarettes at a 2-hour interval. Three males and three females, experienced marihuana smokers, participated in the study. The results indicate that each subject smoked his or her two cigarettes at a similar rate. The THC plasma concentrations produced by the smoking of the second cigarette were slightly lower than those produced by the first cigarette. The levels of the psychologic "high" caused by the two cigarettes were similar. However, the first cigarette accelerated the heart twice as much as the second cigarette. Between males and females there were marked differences in the rate at which the cigarettes were smoked. In particular, males took more puffs, took them more often, and consumed the cigarettes more rapidly than females. The plasma concentrations of THC, the self-reported psychologic effects, and the heart rate acceleration produced by the smoking of the two cigarettes were identical between the sexes.

Source: The clinical pharmacology and dynamics of marihuana cigarette smoking
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