The Collection: Krissi and her Grow Journals

Krissi Carbone

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I'm moving all of my completed, current and perpetual journals here for easier access to all!

Prelude: 🌱🪴

I only started off growing in June of 2021 with 6, 60-W grow bulbs that I had mounted under the table in what is now my grow room. I then bought my first LED, a 100W @VIVOSUN light and a @VIVOSUN 24 x 24 x 60. But then....

With the help of :420: and it's sponsors, I was lucky to do journals for and showcase the @ParfactWorks HB1500, @Maxsisun MG3000 and @Mars Hydro FC4800.

I have since moved up to 2 tents, 1-4 x 4 and 1-3 x 3. Currently using @Mars Hydro's FC4800 and SP3000, we bask in sunlight all year long.

I've felt a connection to these plants and have almost more remembered how to grow them rather than learn how. Just something in me.

....With a lot of love, we can all go a long way!




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