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hi guys i just got my equipment and gonna build a box next week starting assembling it and popping seeds tuesday

i got
250w hps
100m³ fan(58cfm~)

the box is my problem
how big should it be for the hps since im limited in height (~40inch max)
what u guys think about a box 24x24x31 i would grow autoflowers or go 12/12 1 week after germinating


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with that limited space you could easily make use of a mixture of scrog/lst methods to make use of your entire foot print, while keeping the plant height low. Or, run two/three lowrider strains they do well in confined spaces. Make sure you control your humidity though, it is very easy to get mold issues in such confined spaces when the girls go into full bloom.

As for the dimensions of cab, Id say make use of as much height as you can because it'll make your life easier, and allow larger yields.
2'x2'x 3.45'. if you can tweak it a bit, can go 30"x45"X41" you'll open yourself up to a lot more opportunities.
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