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The Deeshinator.


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Hi my name is Deesh (not really) and I'm 19 and live in Mid-eastern Canada and have been smoking since...15 or 16. I'm in the middle of my first ever outdoor grow which is going pretty good. All 7 plants are starting to grow taller and thicker. I snowboard (not so much now but when I lived in Quebec), skateboard and play bass guitar. I enjoy a nice bong but usually prefer to roll a spliff. I've been to Amsterdam but found the BEST hash in Nice, France - Got off some chillen guys infront of a museum (gotta love school trips!).


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welcome welcome welcome. :)

some of my cousins are in canada. niceee.

hope you find the site as great as i do. and dont forget theres alot to be found here and the people are great. :)

keep toking buddy
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