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I want to thank Andrea Sundberg at the DOH for forwarding the pdf files that included patient letters regarding the proposed rule changes, along with letters from family, doctors, attorneys, as well as current and potential industry stakeholders. I read every single one.

It would be helpful if these documents were available through the DOH website.

I am disappointed that a number of people expressed the desire to keep the program as it is, except for increasing the plant count for producers and adding more producers -- as if the program would work just fine if only the supply issues were dealt with, and in the same ways they had been dealt with before (in 2010), with little success.

If the DOH's goal was to distract patients from the real problems in the program, along with generating a feeling that everyone should just be happy with the status quo, I guess it succeeded. But I think a large part of that success is due to the fear that patients have in coming forward to complain, along with the privacy and medical issues in doing so.

I think I would have more hope in this program if only more patients were fighting to expand it and increase access, instead of just fighting to keep it the way it is.

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As reported by the Santa Fe New Mexican:

10/24/2014, Judge: No mandate for state to ensure supply for medical pot patients

"A state district judge in Santa Fe said Friday there is nothing in the law that created New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Program that requires the head of the Health Department to ensure an adequate supply of legally grown marijuana for patients enrolled in the program."

No help from the courts...


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Rules Repeal and Replacement Hearing, December 29, 2014, in Santa Fe

Written comments may be submitted to:
Medical Cannabis Program
New Mexico Department of Health
P.O. Box 26110
1190 St. Francis Dr., S-3400
Santa Fe, NM 87502-6110
(email address on website)

"We encourage everyone to review and respond in writing to the proposed changes. Auditorium seating is limited to approximately 220 guests at one time..."

You can find the list of proposed rule changes at the DOH website, but suffice to say that all of them suck.
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