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The Drug War

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Let's take a look at how much money the government spends on "The Drug War"

Our federal government tosses in a substantial $17,000,000,000 annually

State and local governments combined pitch in a good $16,000,000,000

It costs roughly $20,000 to keep an inmate in prison each year, so at about 700,000 inmates a year, that's what? Another $1,400,000,000

Total: $34,400,000,000

I suppose the real question is how much goes towards fighting marijuana, since that's what this site is really about. So, let's make a rough estimate and say 75%. I'd assume that it's much higher than that considering how many commercials are against marijuana and how few are against heroin and crack.

Against marijuana: $25,800,000,000

So, how much money does marijuana MAKE?

It is estimates to make about $12,000,000,000 annually. If made legal, the government would see about $4,000,000,000 of that dough

How much do we need to rebuild Iraq? $20,000,000,000?

Holy Pot-smoke, Batman, I have an idea.

Let's take BACK our $25,800,000,000, and rebuild Iraq.

Let's take the leftover $5,800,000,000 and add it to the $4,000,000,000 in taxes, and gee, I dunno, spread it out a little. Pay some teachers. Spend it on frivelous medical lawsuits. Shove it up your ass. I don't care!

Just whatever you do, don't spend it on fighting hard-working American citizens.

You know, they say stoners don't have the ambition to get a good job and get ahead in life, but how are we supposed to do good in life if THE MAN IS HOLDING US DOWN!?

Hey, Bush:

Hands off my nut sack. You aren't my girlfriend, you aren't my doctor, and you sure as hell ain't me. I don't need you fondling my privates whether it be my private hairy balls or my private life. Go play with your eleventy thousand nukular bombs and stay the hell out of my business. I'm sorry for making fun of the way you talk. I can't blame you, really. After all, when your daddy was in office, he probably made his little bitch Dan Quayle teach you how to spell "potatoe" when he was baby-sitting you and bouncing you on his knee. Oh, and I saw your bitch ass fuck up in front of Europe calling your right hand your left hand and vice-versa. You think we're stoned? I think you're stoned. I think you're so stoned, you tried to piss in the corner of the oval office. I think you're so stoned, you want to change the name of Iraq to "I-rock!" You fuckin traitor. You used to be cool. I've seen you make fun of people for not smoking or drinking. Remember that, you two-timing monkey-fucking imbred son of a bitch? I bet you don't. I bet you were too hyped up on coke to remember to chew BEFORE you swallow and choke on a pretzel. Oh, wait... you really did do that. Sorry. Didn't mean to offend you.
If I remember correctly, there's a webpage that has a ticker that calculates how much money is being spent on the war on drugs by the second. If I can find the page, I'll post it.
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It's actually going up at about $1,200 every second, and yes it is accurate, and yes, it is a lot of money.
TheOldGuy said:
It's actually going up at about $1,200 every second, and yes it is accurate, and yes, it is a lot of money.
It says right below the ticker it goes up $609/second. DAMN that is a lot of bank!