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The Eco-Core Hemp Composite Snowboard Concept

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The Eco-Core Snowboard

Natural fiber composites have been heavily investigated in recent years not only because they are more environmentally friendly than other composite materials but also because of the apparent high strength and low density of the fibers. The hemp plant in particular produces high quality natural fibers exhibiting strong mechanical properties which are also inexpensive. Our research, engineering analysis and material testing has led us to a material called FlexForm which exhibits properties comparable to current core materials on the market, generally various types of woods and foams. FlexForm is a composite made of jute, a derivative of the hemp plant, and its implementation in a sustainable snowboard shows a feasible alternative to current core materials. The purpose of this report is to present our product solution for a more environmentally friendly snowboard aimed towards eco-friendly, counter-culture snowboarders.

Here is a link to the PDF The Eco-Core Snowboard Concept
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