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The Epilepsy Foundation Supports Ala. Bill That Would Legalize Medical Marijuana Oil

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Alabama - A national foundation announced support for laws that would make CBD, an oil derived from marijuana, legal for people suffering from seizures. The Epilepsy Foundation announced its support for bills and laws like Carly's Law Feb. 20. Dustin Chandler, Carly's father, said the backing from the Epilepsy Foundation is "huge." He's hoping the new support will help Carly's Law get out of the Alabama Senate and move the Alabama House.

Chandler said he's fighting not only for his daughter Carly but for hundreds of other parents who have to watch their children take a cocktail of drugs to control their seizures. "We have got children that suffer that need help," said Chandler. With support from the Epilepsy Foundation, Chandler said he feels progress in Montgomery may move a little faster. "That was a huge boost for our morale and everything when that came out and we just hope it translates into the halls of Montgomery to get this law finally to the senate floor," he said.

Last week the national organization released a statement in support of Carly's Law that said, "as parents and as advocates, we feel an urgency to respond and take action on an issue that has been brought to the epilepsy foundation we serve across the country, the use of marijuana to treat epilepsy." "It's the first step toward compassionate access. It's families in Alabama saying this is a concern," said Angela Ostrom with the Epilepsy Foundation. Ostrom said this law stands as a statement that CBD oil and compassionate access is important to Alabama families. It's support that parents like Chandler hope will be the backing they need to help the ones they love the most. Chandler and other family members will hold a rally Saturday, March 1 from 2-6 p.m. at the Pelham Civic Center show how seizures affect not only the child but their family.


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