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The European Functional Flame Off

Teddy Edwards

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A Press Release from Smoking Gear

The 5th Edition Of The European Functional Flame Off
In four months from now, a group of talented and imaginative artists will share their passion for the craft of glassblowing and transform molten glass into beautiful and functional pieces.

Organised for the first time in Denmark, EFFO moved for three years to Spain and we feel like it's time to put a new stamp on its passport. We couldn't think of a better place than the UK, the motherland to so many acclaimed glassblowers and glass lovers.
We are currently looking for a space big enough to fit our equipment, the competitors and our visitors.

Last year, we were happy to see all the enthusiasts of glassblowing and other associated professions brought together to learn about the process, connect with the artists and mingle with like-minded people.

The facility which we rented in Barcelona allowed us to organize the working stations for the competitors, a comfortable lounge space with a bar and nearly twenty showcases with the glass art.

Our glassblowing studio in Denmark became the venue for the 1st EFFO with four attendants and a group of our glass loving customers. The following editions counted ten competitors and attracted hundreds of spectators. What's more, our persistent efforts, led SmokingGear to opening their new studio in Barcelona where we were able to host the European Vacation. The myriads of colorful pipes created during the event, were later displayed at the NPK Club.

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Man I bet that was a blast. I went to an event like that before it was one of the Craziest weekends of my life. O to the good times that have passed us. And to the future great times that we can’t even think about.

Teddy Edwards

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The event runs on 09-28-18, 09-29-18, 09-30-18

Here's their latest press release announcing the venue:

We are thrilled to announce the venue of the 5th European Functional Flame Off!

Join us in Club 33, a private members club in Bethnal Green, East London, and please your eyes with the magnificent glass art from the best European glassblowers. Before that however, take a moment to read and find out more about our host.

In September 2017, the club was opened to deliver a unique venue to unwind and network with like-minded people while appreciating what the world of cannabis has to offer. The owners of Club 33 want to bring the cannabis aficionados together through events and experiences from working with artisan chefs and sweet makers to live glass blowing events and secret cups. They also plan to introduce seminars into the club's schedule to ensure education, e.g. regarding
medical marijuana, is being provided.

Thank you to the Club 33 for hosting the 5th EFFO

Teddy Edwards

420 Staff
Meet the Artists

Hive Glass has always been interested in glassblowing but never thought he would actually get to do it.

Things changed in 2012, when he did a bead making class which went really well and the experience encouraged him to buy a torch and some basic equipment. He also started keeping bees around the same time and came up with his moniker.

Hive set up a studio in the back of his Hemp Shop and has been blowing on a part time basis ever since. "I am pretty much self taught from YouTube videos and watching other people. My work is inspired by a lot of artists and things that influence me. I find functionality in my work very important even with more artistic pieces".

VIT 78 Glass, representing 78 Glass team from Russia, is also joining the group of talented glassblowers. He will attend the EFFO for the third time.

Four years ago, Vit quit his job, bought a torch and started practicing glassblowing almost 24/7. Soon after, together with his friend EVS 78, he opened the glass workshop 78 Glass and started showing his huge talent by making octopus rigs which keep looking more realistic each year.
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