The Experience Of Getting High

That was fantastic!!! :clap:

And yes, I too was a bit confused by the last paragraph. Thought it was a mistake at first.....took me a few to realize the intention. :laughtwo:

I'm a person who prefers not to smoke in public, mainly due to my inability to control my laughter when stoned. What I do like is to smoke it at home with my girlfriend, listen to music and prepare dinner. I find that sex is much more intense about an hour after smoking, why I don't know. We grow our own and are about to do all of the above! ;-)
i still cant believe its not legal yet.guess ill be dead before the world gets,seriously tare off the old skin and we are just a bunch,bunchin away. lol
New is always good. and a fan is needed when your hot.just like weed needs to be legal because nothing is the only permanent thing.or are non smokers just to far stuck in there nests they dont care.dam do do birds.god i wish but still nothing.suks haveing no fun in work work. then die .i could work for 5 hours a day on the salery we make. i think there should be a leader to lead this weed day to come to come lets gather all pot heads and make a stand. they cant arrest half the world,so everyday at 420.Everyones should go out on there front lawns and not be puzzys and blow smoke up in da air. i dont know what the % is but i bet we would get the vote.unless we were killed by the so called weed busters. lol. u know. the idiots who have a life and dont concider others.usualy smokers concider others more so. ill stop. i wish i just had control over my life.which i do now cause of some weird stuff ive undergone in life. mostly to get weed legal. but what suks is why lift something up if you alredy lifted it.meaning.if weed is illegal then i guess we made the wrong moves.i dunno. i just cant wait for heaven. so i can get whatever i want with out liveing for yall and myself.dont think theres anything i havent seen from out the box,but when i go in the box and see my choices.i see how dumb we realy are.i cant blame anything on anyone but dam allready.i see the consaquences of it not being legal and they out way the other on every question.i quit being human because nothings changeing.i feal like we are creating a hell. f everyone including me for this time of life in mine.because its rather...whats a good word.repulsive.out played.da de da de da de da de da. see what i mean. most parents who were taught the way of the work horse never had fun.till weed became legal.. i wish. anyone got a clock cause mines stopped.
Awesome read with a lot of interesting facts, I seen a lot of key points such as some use it for an escape, I personally have many reasons I smoke it, one being recreation, two being for "meditation" and if I have had to much Mt. Dew I will use it to help alter the affects of that. I personally feel this has showed a lot of the diversity of the uses and the affects it has on each individual smoker. Again great read, Thanks oh and by the way; I only put " " around meditation so people didn't think I said Medication LoL.
awesome thread. i saw alot of things in there that reminded me about myself. im more of a private smoker, who only likes to smoke around my friends or other people that are high, due to the fact that i get paranoid that everyone is watching me. haha. i think everyone should read this. thanks for the good read.:peace:
Well I have tried 3 type of cannabis/charas/garda. All have a different effect and I'll share them with you.

1) Normal "Border Hash" - Very good gets me high on the 6-8th joint. Have a very pleasant effect and you can do normal activities under the influence. So its great for any time of the day.

2) Lal Garda - Not normally exported to West cause it gets bad quickly. Its is very addictive and 1 joint makes me high. I can concentrate more on things and senses are very heightened under its influences. I would recommend to be careful with this stuff cause anyone new to it gets a lot of surprises in both good and bad ways. Recommended in a small group.

3) Black Afghan - I have nothing more than to say it is simply the best sh-t around. However, less addictive than Lal Garda.

I use all these three and the best part is getting my stuff fresh and cheap because I have been living near Pak-Afghan border. :)
That was the best analysis I have ever read on the subject, it covered all bases for me.
The last paragraph really made me laugh. I even do that when I'm not stoned, reading something over and over just kind of tasting it, lol The whole article was a complete journey of thoughts about it's effects. I have experienced most of of them at one time or another in my 42 years of indulging. lol very good five stars
great post I think of it as a doctors pamphlet before taking a prescription. Useful for first time users.
if you never smoked weed you could read a thousand books on what sensations you feel when high but still not truly understand the experience. only when you let that magical smoke hit your brain cells can you understand what it is like to feel high.
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