The Experience Of Getting High

I have nothing but praise for this beautiful plant.Its brought me joy peace and understanding.Nothing bad or even close to it has come from me using cannabis.I could give you hundreds of horror stories from my drinking days!!! Not one from this plant....
Very good article! An as accurate as possible description of my favorite condition - HIGH :thumb:

Having introduced a few people (complete newbies) to the herb, I kept the discussion of effects with them to a minimum... To prevent them getting suggestion upon this subjective feeling. I always wanted them to describe what they felt. I wouldn't show this article to a newbie who is willing to try and explore the herb. I would show it to someone who is curious but still, for some reason, afraid or needs a little persuasion to try.

Thanks for the great article... :bongrip:
I think being high and music can be both good and bad. Good because you are more open to singing in front of people and really cuttin' loose, belting out a tune. It also enhances your creativity when writing music, making up a song. My buddy who's 50+ plays his own music. He does not like playing other people's music. He just likes doing his own thing. I would often go over to his place and sing. We made lots of tapes; half were good :bravo:, half weren't so good :helpsmilie: Years later after quitting everything I stopped over and he popped in a tape. I was straight... it didn't sound so good [as it did when I was high]. So I believe being high while making music can be a double-edged sword. Still, we have a lot of original stuff on tape (Yes I said tape) and the good times definitely outweigh the not quite as good times. You guys, and gals really need to hear The Chicken Song.
i think ur puttin to much thought into it

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Thank God someone else believes edibles can make you vomit or feel like vomiting. That was my experience. Even smoking it. It's due to a real low tolerance.
Thank God someone else believes edibles can make you vomit or feel like vomiting. That was my experience. Even smoking it. It's due to a real low tolerance.

With Cannabis it's been found that everyone will have a very very different tolerance for it. It's always best to start slowly, using a little at a time until you get used to it. Rick Simpson suggests the same thing when starting the oil treatment.

When you find the tolerance level you're at, you will likely find Cannabis to be the most amazing plant in existence. :)

Once you have established a tolerance, at that point, if you consume too much Cannabis, the worst side effect you'll experience will probably be missing the rest of your movie because you fell asleep :)

This is an amazingly informative post though. I used to smoke regularly for years, and I still learned a lot from it. And I passed the page on to my girlfriend (Who has never used Cannabis) And she also found it extremely informative.
Very Well done!

Your post makes me want to Journal about My experience using good and known strains for the first time ever.
18 to 20 years of bagseeds ended thanks to Sponsors Here.

I have never had an opportunity to try different strains...only what was available at any given time.
3 Seeds Germiated a day or 2 ago.
It will be nice to evaluate the First Buzz of the day for each strain and Hows the Wake and Bake.
Does it make me Thick as A Brick or make me upbeat and energetic. Does it help me with my depression or does
it work against it. These things need answers!!!!
I'm going to do my best to investigate all aspects of these gifts of the Planet.
Wow, made me think of my first time. I did not get "high" the first time I smoked, but the 2nd time, WHOA... everything went all spinny and I stared at a doobie bros poster for an hour. I'm a little embarrassed to mention how old I was. Needless to say, I LOVED it, everything about it, the smell of a good bag, mm mmm mmmm, the effects, loved that you smoked it, loved being all giggly. I was stoned pretty much for 20 something years then just kind of grew out of it, it was strange. I smoked less and less and each time I would get more and more not really paranoid but extremely anxious (not the word either) but feeling not good. I was always a lightweight (didn't take much to get me high) but back then I still smoked huuuuge amounts. Now a days one little oneie and Im toast then straight to sleep. I am actually getting back into it because I love to grow things from nothing and am going to try and replace strong painkillers with my beloved MJ.

Best wishes to all. It is truly a national tragedy that this plant is illegal. So many good people in jail, so much money leaving the states and going to bad people and finally so very many commercial applications that would benefit in so many ways... So tragic. I really hope this prohibition is lifted in my lifetime. Stay safe and happy people!
I feel like its kind of experience to explain with words what it is to be high. I mean, how can you? haha.

If non-marijuana users ask me how it feels to be high? I respond, "Here is a joint, only way to know brother!" ;)
I've studied once while high and I was surprised how much more interesting the text was and how profound it seemed (I'm in college). I'm going to try it again because I actually think it helped me retain it longer. I'm amazed about all the propaganda and how silly it is. I've been attending school for two semesters, toking nearly every day, and I've earned seven A's and one B. Mmmm...
Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the US. People smoke marijuana in the form of hand rolled cigarettes, in pipes, or in blunts. Some people make use of vaporizers so as to avoid inhaling smoke. The vaporizer converts marijuana to vapors and so, the smoker inhales vapors and not smoke. There can be several psychological effects after inhaling marijuana, although the intensity depends on the dosage and metabolism. The chemicals that are contained in marijuana work by binding to specific sites in the brain as well as on the nerves.
That's a great post! I found myself in some statements. For myself, getting high was an escape. I was relaxed and not thinking about my problems. My sences got stronger, so did my earge to eat. Sex was better, that is so true! :circle-of-love:
I experienced everything better, music, movies, it was all a big trip. But never the less, that was really not a solution for my problems!
As I'm not a daily medical user, I don't like using Cannabis as way to escape from daily routine, stress, for sleeping better and so on...I prefer to use it as an enhancer for socializing, being creative, having a better musical experience, connect better with my partner and environment, enjoy a beautiful meal, meditate, go for a trip or any outdoor activity, self-awareness or simply getting high as shit and have a great laugh wifh my friends.
i remember i smoked alot of different strains and then played pc, it maked me dizzy and lazy asf, and i played much worse when high, but then once i smoked some strain provided by my grower friend unfortunatelly i cant remember its name, but it was awesome to play under it, i was super concentrited, good feeling exited and was destroying everything on my way )
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