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The Fabulous One - 1000 Watt with Reduced Watt Ballast - Kootany Kush & Hempstar


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Im currently 4 weeks 6 days into flower, things seem to be going slow from what im used to seeing, but iv heard that kush is a slow not a huge producer. So im rollin with it.. 2 differant types, Kootany kush and hempstar. I got the kootany kush a week before the light, they sat outside while i waited for the hemstar and ballast. Soon as they hit light, they grew like weeds. Iv been hacking off little branches that would have just taking up room, or wouldnt have mounted to much anyway. I ended up with 20 kootany and 30 Hempstar. So there was lots of trimming after 3 weeks. I used almost a lollipop tecnique. so i left the big healthy branches and the juicy tops.. Il keep you posted with pics.

sincere regards, The Fabulous one

David Bowman

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