The 'Favorite Hemp Product' Thread

Miss Indica

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High guys! :allgood:

Today I discovered the BEST hemp product! ...Last night I injured the muscles along my spine, so today I went to the health food store to look for something for the pain, preferably all-natural or homeopathic. (I've always been a health food store nut...) What I ended up finding was Merry Hempsters' Cool Hemp Muscle Rub This product is awesome! It's got a cool, menthol-y feeling that's good for pains, injuries or on your chest during a cold. It's vegan and all organic and doesn't have any medications or chemicals in it. I suppose you could even use it just for the hell of enjoying the cooling effect, lol, because it doesn't have anything in it really other than hemp oil and eucalyptus. Anywho, it's one of the best hemp products I've used so far so I highly recommend buying a few tubes. Also check out the tanning lotions and body lotions from :Rasta:

Might as well make this an interesting thread, sooo...

What is everyones' favorite hemp products?


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I use protein powdered hemp, Orgamic Hemp ( , in my morning fruit drinks. Use "Hempz" lotion for dry skin ( :3: :peace:

It's all good.


My favorite hemp product are shoes.


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they sell hemp lotion and bar of hemp soap at meijers

I also saw hemp shampoo with a giant pot leaf on it at a hair place at the mall..:laugh2:

I have to love hemp jewelry though :D
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