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The Federal Governments Attack on Prop. 215 and Medical Marijuana in California


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On November 5, 1996 the citizens of California approved Proposition 215, which gives protection to seriously ill patients and their doctors and allows them to legally use medical marijuana to help ease their pain and suffering.

Since the passage of Prop. 215 the United States Justice Department and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) have showed total disregard for this law and trampled on the rights of voters in California. People with cancer, AIDS, and other serious ailments who use medical marijuana to help ease their pain and suffering are being aggressively pursued and prosecuted by the federal government. Federal judges overseeing many of these cases are forbidding these seriously ill patients from making any mention of Proposition 215 or medical marijuana to the jury -- effectively making them look like "kingpins".

One half of the federal marijuana cases in San Francisco now involve medical marijuana, even though patients covered under Prop. 215 account for just 1% of the state's marijuana users.

It's time to change the climate in California around medical marijuana. These seriously ill patients need to concentrate on their health and not worry about being prosecuted in federal court for taking a medicine recommended by their doctor. More importantly, the federal government needs to show respect for the will of California voters and bring an end to these senseless raids and arrests.
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