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The first time I planted marijuana in VietNam


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Hi,every :thumb:
The first time I planted marijuana. THC Bomb and Master Kush. I planted in outdoor.
I bought seeds from Original-css.org website. In my country, the law banning cannabis. I use soil and hydroponics to compare growth. I see the soil seems to grow better.
After that,I was change to all pots planted with soil.




I have started Growing from 15/03 ... but they look small. Need some supports. Tks. sorry, my bad english. Please move post if I posted incorrect location.:Namaste:. Who know the sex of master kush in end picture ?

I will update...


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The master kush isn't showing sex yet. If those were planted in March and are that small, something must be wrong. They should be huge bushes by now


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Yes, something must be wrong... :( i don't know why they small but they have fragrant very good . I can smell when watering. :love:
I can see the ball of male... they very small but I can feel it. :(


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They do look small for being planted so long ago. Also I'm just starting to learn and have one harvest under my belt so I'm not positive, but I believe the top picture in your last post shows a female plant. You said they were outdoor correct? Maybe they need a spot with better light to grow quicker, are they in a shaded area? Also how hot does it get where you are? Very high or very low temperatures could stop/slow growth I believe and cause hermies.


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thank you for the reply, I'm planted on the roof terrace. i'm plant weeds in march,Now, In May, the tropical summer very hot especially at 12 noon. I will update

i don't understand why the image rotation ?
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