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The Goldylox Zone - Autofeeding Hempy Perpetual In A Purpose Built Grow Room


Greeting everyone! Welcome to my newest Journal. This will be my 2nd grow and the 1st of many grows in my newly designed and built grow room. I am still working on getting everything finished but it hasn't deterred me from getting things up and running. I partitioned off a 9x9 area in the room that will include full finished face with drywall and paint and a discreet entry door, made of some full length mirrors that will be on slides. The idea behind this grow room is to keep it relatively concealed and hidden from any guests. So far the framing has been completed, the panda film has been hung and the rooms are light proofed from one another (minus the doors). Plumbing for the autofeed system is 1/2 way complete so I am hand watering for the time being. The room consists of 2 4x5 chambers, one for flower and one for veg. The existing 3x6 closet is being converted into a space to hold the mother plants, clones, seedlings, and a small shelf for all my nutrients and supplies. This is all subject to change to suit the grow, I may end up running both chambers as flowering spaces, I am open to suggestions from the 420Magazine community.

VEG-(2) 4ft 8 bulb T5 HO 6500k Fixtures, 432W each
FLOWER- 12x VERO 29 B's... 6x 3000k 90 CRI and 6x 3000k 80cri ran on 3x HLG 320's, 60w of RED and FAR RED flower initatiors, ra
CLONES- Rapid LED 100w CREE solderless cloning light
MOTHER- 200w (actual) LED (left over from my first grow)

Grow Method:
Hempy style 100% perlite
Mother- 5 gallon DWC bubble bucket

General Hydroponics
Flora Series 3 part
Diamond Nectar
Floralicious Plus
Flying Skull Z7 for roots

New420guy Seeds
Platinum OG
Glue Cookies
Fire Glue
Skywalker Kush
G13 x Haze
Lemon Skunk
White Widow
Paul's Purple Fire
Sour 60 Autoflowers

Here's the layout of the room


This is where I'm at right now.

8 clones I cut from the plant currently in flower (first journal-still going)

The mother plant I intend to use for these first runs

It's been LST'd and defoled but it just grows like a bush, mature alternating nodes on her, she'll make a great momma

First run of seeds

Amadeus Forzin

420 Staff
Hope all is well in your world.

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