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The Great Outdoor Group Grow: Beastly Buds To Honor Bonsai


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Well summer is coming! And so is what I hope will become the home to any and all growers under the sun. Quite literally, if your using the sun to grow and are interested in sharing your experiences or pictures you're welcome! Greenhouse, outdoor, window growers, indoor/outdoor, guerrilla growers, dichweed folks: come one, come all!

So last summer was mild normal standards... and it kicked my ass. I made harvest on some good smoke but it was a stressful ride. Point being, this year I'm gonna leap into the great outdoor world in the land of the midnight sun.

While it's fun to track progress, set goals, and try new grow methods, NOTHING BEATS A GROUP GROW! So whether you have done one or not we are happy to have you now.

This Journal is special because it's also to honor a special member of our community who passed @Bonsaiweed aka James Long. He was an all around kind human with an enormous passion for growing and the 420 community at large. So much so, it won him the member of the month during his time with us. @SweetSue , our resident rockstar, gave me her blessing to honor bonsai with this group grow, as she was the one who composed a most gracious write up after after his sudden passing. It can be found can be found here.

James also started a infused foods thread that can be found in the thread above.

I always figured bonsai had just come and gone as a few members do when life happens. So I was saddened when I learned of his passing as the reason for his recent absence. I knew immediately that I wanted to do a little something special for the guy. Once he did decide to join the action at 420 he touched many of us through his quick wit and intent to both learn and share the different ways of growing cannabis.

Bonsai told me in a message once, “I live in the nazi state”. Referring to his states harsh stance against cannabis. It reminds me constantly how lucky I am to have left my own nazi state (Arizona) for a far colder but extremely tolerant state of Alaska, where I now plan to try my hand at outdoor and living organics all at once! Scary for an indoor coco guy….

So again, no matter the risk you may be taking or experience you have, I'd like to welcome you to…

Drum roll please!


Here are the goals:

Have fun

And that's it!

4 simple things that Bonsai always believed in and that are now the foundation for this group grow.

So I'd like to ask for some help from people who do this normally. Who does this? @Norcaliwood grows some by the pool....

and @InTheShed grows in and out of the shed.

Cola monster has his lean to.

Shpnx hasnt been around in a little but heres a fraction his grow from last summer...

So now I'm just going to mention people and I encourage you all to share past or present photos to kick us off 420 style.

@Amy Gardner and @Smeegol are some great growers from the southern hemisphere so their seasons are different but they likely have some amazing photos to help kick off the season.

@Blew Hiller does some amazing greenhouse grows in the northeast. @Pennywise , who is back and more evil clown than ever before even plans a little something also. And who could forget the Canadians?! @newty ran some in her greenhouse and @Kingjoe83 did some monsters also, 100% outside. @hortishorti if you're still gonna run outdoor this year please make yourself welcome. @Van Stank are you gonna run some outside at your new compound? @SweetSue let's round up the troops @weenmeoff @Graytail @Tead oh he does some great ones outside! and @dr.h00k @Agemon you in?

Sorry for tagging everyone I just want you all to feel included and or have the opportunity to invite any and everyone who they feel may want to join in. @Chris Scorpio @Derbybud @Preston9mm @JustMeds @Tunkers you around? @Scrogdawg may know? ohhh @Grandpa Tokin I havent forgot you either... okay tag people I may have forgotten my thumbs are tired!

So assuming we don’t all know each other already….

1.Offer up a quick hello
2. How are you growing?
Strain, training, food, style (guerilla, greenhouse, etc.)
Growing challenges
3. Share pics, stories and laughs

That's it enough blabbing this is more for pics cause who wants to read anyways right @Norcaliwood ???



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I'm stuck indoors.... for now. LoL
(Nazi State) but I'm definitely gonna be here.

Bonsai is definitely missed! Well done Dabber! This is straight class.

What a way to be remembered!


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So @Blew Hiller sent me some worms a long while back and I'm finally gonna give this LOS a go!

Oh sorry I'm Kyle aka dabs aka dabber I live in Alaska obviously. I was a stay at home dad for a while after we got orders to an airforce base here, and decided to try my hand at the industry. Now I'm a lab tech at good titrations and make hash for a living!

I found 420 mag over a year and half ago and never left!

So back to the outdoor grow. Climate is a pain so I'll be running autos and fast strains only. Maybe something else if we can black out a tunnel. I'll be collaborating with some friends and be consulting a few friends on grows.

Heres some pics....


Some homemade fast strains... gg4a × grape krush.

I sifted out the food scraps and they went into a new bin. Cut it down with some promix added chicken poop azomite mixed and back into buckets. The cover crop will be here this week and that should sustain the bins until the plants are ready. I'm going to add some perlite to the bottom of fabric pots and fill up with my stuff. I'll have a little hole a to fill with a relatively inert organic dirt, and its go time!

I'm happy to receive suggestions advice support as I essentially have no clue what I'm doing....

Cant wait to see everyone else's crops!


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Yup i am
Here this is one of my favourite photos from last year to me it’s peaceful and welcoming.

Here’s to Bonsai:48:
God bless his soul and blessing to the family and close friends who are Impacted by his lost . He brought a lot of positive vibes and energy to this community and have spoke a few times to him as well.

Good for dabs to honour one of our own brotha .

Rip bonsai



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Thanks for the invite Dabber. :5: You’re off to a great start. :high-five: Living organic soil and all! Mighty impressed, and best of luck to ya! :thumb:

Wish I could join you all growing under the sun’s rays, but that’s not to be this year. Brix and I were whistfully discussing the challenges for outdoor growing just the other day. :laugh2: We live in the land of insect domination. I can only imagine!

Good luck everyone. I’ll be peeking in. :ciao:


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Ok now that I said I'm in let me tell ya a little bit about myself. I'm Derbybud and I grow in a illegal state for my daughter and wife who both have RA, fibromyalgia as well as some other things. We live on a horse farm and I thought at first to grow outside but later found out we are on a heavily helicopter look out for cannabis from a friend who is a cop. So I grow in my basement (dungeon) in coco with liquid nutes and leds. I've been very blessed to get several grows to harvest to help with my family.

I think in honor of mr. Bonsai I'll drop a few autos indoors down in the dungeon about the 1st of May and take pot and all on Memorial Day and plant them in the woods somewhere. What I'm thinking is to be done with this grow before the searchers start to search. I should be done and cleaned up by mid August. I'll post more once I know what I'm going to run and give a bit more thoughts to how to amend my soil once they go outside. I have access to some of the highest nitrogen rich nutes on the planet. Horse manure. Tons and tons of it but need to learn how to use it correctly as not to burn my plants up. If anyone had ideas I'm up for suggestions.
Thanks dabbs for the invite for a proper salute to a passed fellow 420 member. May he be watching our grows grow in his honor.


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I'd use the weathered, mix with a good compost and top soil with something for aeration.
And molasses to increase microbes and bring things alive underneathe the soil line .

But I’d wait til at least 2-3 weeeka before adding first dose .


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Early morning to all and morning mr.Bonsai brother a hell of a gentlemen to have touched so many lives..:love:

Thanks for the invite mr.Dabber and I'm sure we going to make mr.Bonsai mighty proud.....


And mr.Bonsai meet my low flyer Candyland, the only low one in the garden...haha



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I'd use the weathered, mix with a good compost and top soil with something for aeration.
Morning guys hope y'all having a blessed evening.... :snowboating:

If I may chip in mr.Derby I'm not sure if by weathered you mean left open to Mother Nature or covered with tarp or plastic....haha
For my garden I dug knee deep holes bout 10-15gal, line the bottom 15cm with small rocks for drainage and fill half the hole with composted manure and bonemeal. Then rest of mix is compost/promix, kelp meal and amendments.

What would I change this coming summer make the mouths of the holes wider and half the depth of the centre hole ( hot tub seats style if you looking from above ) more area for roots to spread out for a firmer base as wind is a bugger. And if you have a bad back like me let her legs grow till waist high then lollipop for airflow and save yourself a whole lot of bending...haha
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