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The Great Tennessee Pot Cave: Pics & Video


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now thats what you call a man cave! i would never leave..

I know I'm digging up an oldie here.
GrowitALL's quote reminds me of that Heineken commercial where all the chicks were screaming their heads off at the shoe closet & all the dudes were screaming (like chicks) at the beer closet. Had my buddy showed me a grow cave like that I'd be screaming louder than a banshee.
Then of course my "disclaimer" would follow....


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Why did they go to such great lengths and not go with a diesal generator from jump street ?

Sounds like someone tried to go cheap and it ended up costing them the (pot) farm.


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Yeah, i can see myself setting up a larger size grow in the future, but i'll be a little smarter with my setup. Anybody know if these guyz even had carbon filters?


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Re: The Great Tennessee Pot Farm (With Pics)

What they should have done is take some of that cash and made a room for a Generator so they could have grown off the grid. This way no one would have know what was their. It would cast alot more money and take time for daily checking, but this would have been alot safer. :yummy:

Solar, wind mills........ I would have never ran on the city power!!! Once I buy my house, it will be ran on solar panels and wind mills...... The power company would be paying me cause I will be supplying them power! If I had all that money, I would also pay someone to invent fuel from hemp and use that for a Generator just in case my battery's went dead...


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Woulda made a great dispensary eh? :roorrip:


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Now days if any one wanted to do a set up like this agian, they wouldn't have to worry about getting caught by the electric company if they used the new LED systems they got. They would grow better bud and cost them less and possibly not ever get caught; etleast not by the electric company that is. Oh and I just gota throw in there that there plants look rather skimpy, and could have gotten a lot more money and bud if they did sea of green method.


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This is a dream come true! I've always imagined something like this, and I'm stoked that someone pulled it off (for a while at least). Can you imagine all of the contractors, electricians, etc that were in on this? That is a huge operation. I saw something somewhat impressive in a documentary "The Union". There were 20 shipping containers buried underground 10x10. I'm not going to tell you anymore. Check it out. YouTube - Underground grow op

It's funny reading everyone's speculations into how these guys got busted. It was this, it was that, coulda, shoulda, woulda. The bottom line is they got busted. These people were obviously growing with just the intent for profit. When you become so tied up in the lust for money, bad things are bound to happen. Money can make your best friend or even worse, a loved one, turn against you.

I feel bad for the families of these genius's. It would be great if marijuana was legalized in the next 10 years, as I would think they would have to let everyone w/ marijuana offenses out of jail(it would be nice if there was some sort of reparation for all who have had marijuana convictions on their record). Can you imagine all of the phenomanol growers who have been busted over the last 30-40 years who would be able to apply their knowledge in the present day?:goodluck::51:


can any1 tell me if it is safe 4 the plants to leave a hps on 24/0 or shud i be turning it down to 18/6 ? any info would be gr8 thanx.

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I don't understand why people with such elaborate set-ups making so much $$ still get caught. For $75,000 they could have had that house rigged with solar and wind power enough to power more then they could use year round thus eliminating their electricity bill and taking them off the grid. Just one more way mother nature can help

Not only would they be off the grid but excess power can then be sold back to the hydro companies making you seem like an even more respectable and productive member of society.
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