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The Green Group

As a Green Group member, you will have access to many special features, just check out the list below.
You also help keep this website alive by giving back.

Private Message Permissions:
Maximum Stored Messages is 420.
Regular members have a maximum storage of 10.

Private Forums, V.I.P. for Green Group Members Only :
Green Group Lounge - Talk about anything and everything
Connoisseur's Corner - Discuss strains, effects, smells, high, etc
Grow Journals - Show us your pretty flowers

Post and Thread Permissions :
Delete Own Posts
Delete Own Threads
Open / Close Own Threads
Move Own Threads

Attachment Permissions :
Total attachment usage is 420k. Regular members do not have the ability to use attachments.

Calendar Permissions :
Post Events
Edit Own Events
Delete Own Events

Who's Online Permissions:
View Detailed Location Info for Users

General Permissions :
Set Self to Invisible Mode
'See' Users Who Have Chosen to be Invisible While Online
Will Show edited by note on edited messages

User Note Permissions :
Manage User Notes About Self

Picture Uploading Permissions :
Upload Animated Profile Picture
Profile Picture Maximum Width (pixels) is 420 instead of 210
Profile Picture Maximum Height (pixels) is 840 insted of 420
Custom Avatar Maximum File Size (bytes) is 20000 instead of 10000

User Reputation Permissions :
Hide Reputation from Others

Other privileges :
Private Forums
Monthly Contests
And more...

For as little as $4.20 a month or $24.20 a year, you can now be part of the 420Times.com Green Group and help us continue to bring you 420 news and entertainment on a daily basis. Thank you.


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I'll do it as soon as i can afford it, probibly after the 1st of the year. . . maybe i'll wait till 4/20 at 4:20 AM just for shits and giggles. . . but i will do it as soon as i have the cash, i love the option syou have!!



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i know this stuff at cheap that why i am gonna join like i talked about. if there is any other way i can help count me in i have been telling all my stoner freinds about this site and how much i love it couse i can speak my mind.

another ? how does a person become a moderater i would love to help out with both sites if there is anyway

and a big thank you Rob


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offer boobie shots and they will pay 420 :3: As for myself, open up a donation button, I dont need extra access. I will definately contribute just as soon as I can.
Your site has helped me alot over the last few months. I want it to be here for the next guy who needs help in his horticultural endeavors. I suggest that anyone who has the means to help keep this site alive do so. These sites are free today, but without everyone's help, that could change tomorrow.
Thank you for creating such an informative site 420. Don't let the negative responses get you down. There's a whole lot of people here who can't thank you enough. Keep up the good fight. You have alot of supporters.


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Wait, so it's either $4.20 a month or $24.20 a year?
I'll think about it man, but I'm in my own tight financial spot. I need a car and insurance is a bitch. I think by the time 2006 rolls around and I begin to get jealous of the Green Group I'll join. BTW... Can I pay the yearly fee with money order?


the only problem with money order is that i have no way of keeping up with when they expire...if i can find a setting that will expire you when i say, by all means, hell yeah...
give me some more time to investigate..


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420 said:
the only problem with money order is that i have no way of keeping up with when they expire...if i can find a setting that will expire you when i say, by all means, hell yeah...
give me some more time to investigate..
No problem, investigate away. I'm sure there has to be one.


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u know what would be cool, a webcam forum for the green members. so u can toke up with people on live cam, maybe because i have a webcam for some reason and never use it so i wanna use it, but its prob expensive anyway to open one of those things. im stoned.


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Loving every minute of my Green Membership..... Got the renewing year subscription that way I will always be "Green" lol, I'm high.....



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Is this why I got an e-mail saying my membership was cancled?
(here I just thought you didn't like me, lol)
And do I still have my membership for the year still?


yes, this is why you got the email...
i will answer all questions relating to this once the new payment gateway is setup...so far, i've spent a week and $500 and now the processor is declining my application because of the grow forums...so, it's either lose $500 and a week's worth of my time or delete the grow forums...i will never delete the grow forums...so...mo money and time down the drain.
the mission continues.


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Sorry to hear that 420. I too have recently been....whats the word? Oh Yes, FUCKED by PayPal. Hey are a bunch of evil moeny grubbing crooks. Best wishes on finding an alterantive method of payment. If you visit www.paypalsucks.com, you will find numerous paypal alternatives listed that you may find more appreciative of your 1st amednment porotected and totaly legal web sight.


some asshole copycat website reported me...if i try to be slick, they will just do it again...paypal can kiss my ass anyway...still working on a solution round the clock...please be patient,...i'll get it sorted out as soon as i can...thanks!
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