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The Green Leaf Company 4x4 Pro Series Grow Tent Review - Canadian Company


Let me start off by saying I don't work for or receive anything from the green leaf company this is just an honest review to maybe help someone save a few dollars. I was looking for a new tent and wasn't sure what I wanted to try out and I stumbled on the green leaf company browsing the internet. To be honest the pics for all the pro series tents are all the same it's not the actual tent. It's a picture of the much larger version for all sizes. Not all the specs are listed etc like how much weight can it hold ? But looking at the material used and the build in the pick I took a chance and I am glad I did. And not to sound like a douch but money wasn't an issue for my choice it played no impact in my decision other then not spending unnecessarily, basically I would say this is a gorilla tent with different name and they make amazing tents in my opinion.

So just received my 4x4 pro series tent from The Green leaf company and wanted to share my thoughts. So I have seen many different tents mars, gorrila, appollo, to name a few and I do like those tents they all work and are decent. But the price at $279 cdn plus free shipping from great leaf is amazing. The tent size is 48 x 48 x 83 inches high and come with an extension to make it 93 inches. It's big and tall. Made of 1680 D material it's pretty think and sturdy. I haven't seen specs for the amount of weight the roof can hold but I could hang off it and I'm almost 200lbs. The quality for the price is amazing . I would put this up against a top of the line tent for sure. Note that the still tray is not installed in the tent yet and it did come with one. I would definitely recommend anyone in the market for a tent to at least at this to your list of possible purchases. Any questions please feel free to ask.


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I have been thinking of getting another tent for flowering, and use my 3X3 current tent for seedings/veg.
I really want a Gorilla Tent, but balk at the price for a 4X4
I think I know where I'll be looking now.
Thx for the review MM


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I bought a very similar 3 x 3 tent from GrolightsCanada - same 1680 3x thickness, great tent, the metal support poles are 1" diameter, with interlocking ends - $229 for 3x3 labelled as Fusion Hut .. the 4x4 tents are $269 (all prices are Canadian $$)
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