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The Growing Room

It's 4/20 and today the lights have gone on. Converting a spare room with a Mars 400 & another 300W LED. One wall has been lined with foil and the room is light tight and dark as hell inside with the lights out. There are two seeds, from unknown plants successfully cultivated outdoors, that are just sprouting and clones with some good genetics are on the way. It's a first indoor grow any advice is welcome, about the room in general, and the grow

For now happy 420 smoke monkies!!


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Bay707 is trying to politely say....you need more light lol.

Your two lights pull less than 350w at the wall combined. 150 for the Mars and 180 for the Platinum.

I'd keep my footprint to 3x4 max. With the lights at around 24" above the plants once they get a little bigger.

Great start to your grow. I'm jealous of your grow room size lol. :thumb:
So we should probably place the lights closer together maybe? They are more than 30/40cm apart currently?!? :lot-o-toke:

The for the help guys :thumb:

....Also Im loving the customised selection of 420 emojis :rollit::rollit::volcano-smiley::420::420:
"I'd keep my footprint to 3x4 max. With the lights at around 24" above the plants once they get a little bigger."

Do you think the two lights will supply energy for six ladies if they are kept compact and well-groomed? Thanks for the input guys, really appreciated :)))


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With good planning and some training you could absolutely grow 6 smaller plants. I have a nice Led light I've used for years. It draws a bit over 300w and it will grow a pound of nugs in a 3x3 scrog. It really depends on how much weed do you want to grow. Roommates will smoke up your stash quick lol.
Yesterday was a good day. Brought in 6 clones (wedding cake, black sugar,critical mass cheese, gorilla glue, blunicorn, slurricane) and hung two small fans in the room. All the leaves are dancing. :yummy:


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Just pulled the lights closer together and repotted some of the saplings. A few of the clones are showing stress. Some clawing and nute burn i think (yellowing tips), the apparent nute burn symptons are only on one plant- the black sugar strain.


So I thought Ihad problems before. Last night a foreign friend was around. Was asking him to give a diagnosis on my clones and saplings. Aaaaaaaand.....!!!! We find a patch of red mites on the Blunicorn clone. So we put on the room light, off the LEDS, seperated the blunicorn, prepared a very light mix of Ludwigs organic pesticide spray and sprayed here down. Left her for an hour came back and checked for any nehative response and then sprayed the other girls. Left them to dry a little and then put the fans on to dry them just a little more before flipping my LEDS back on. BLUNI , is still off to the side. Gonna be pest preventing every three days now. Cant express the excitement, JOKES :lot-o-toke:
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