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The Hemperor, Jack Herer has Died


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presenting jack with a kief box at the oly hemp fest 2009, will be a fond memory for me.
Jack Herer is in a better place , so lets not be sad in his death, But celebrate in his lifes work that he saw the out come of his dedication the the legalization of hemp.. so i know that for the rest of my days 420 will be a time of the day that i will remember him, and i will cellabrate , the leagond of jack herer on 2-20-2010 and the rest of the yaers that follow.. Peace, Love and nugs in rememberance of Jack Herer...


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God this is so sad...
I never even got to meet him :(
Truly blessed to have even been able to read your words mr herer
you will be greatly missed
Im so sorry for your loss Jeannie :(


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You will be remembered and your name will be written into history. Your bravery to speak out has inspired a legion of activist.

I have a female plant 4 weeks from harvest that bears your name. I will use her in sacrament to more fully grok your work.

Thank you,
Loch (on behalf of the planet)

jim bob

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RIP Jack. My admiration for you will always be tremendous, for what you did for people like myself. Godspeed and I pray that your spirit will be eternally free of any cares or worries.


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Wow, the passing of a legend. RIP brother, this toke is in your memory.


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I was crying as I typed the news about Jack. I am not sad that he has passed on, I am sad because he, like Moses, never got to see the promised land of legal Cannabis in America. I think he got on Rick Simpson's oil too late. If this was known earlier, I am sure Jack would have fully recovered. There are a bunch of "If's" that do not matter now. He did live to see medical Cannabis use and could see that it would be legal soon. That is better than nothing. I love you Jack. Thanks.


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RIP Jack, and thank you for all your hard work


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My heartfelt prayers and condolences to the Herer family. Vaya Con Dios brother Jack. Burn one down for me when ya get there pard. I'm sure the good Lord knows you did your best to make it free...MF
Go rest high upon that mountain, son your work on earth is done.[/B]..V Gill ~RIP Jack Herer~


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Jack Herer

Today, in about 10 minutes, will be the first 4:20 without brother Jack living in this world with us.

But indeed, this is not a time for tears, but rather a time to celebrate his return to the world, his transition into another form of energy.

All of us are brave. All of us are powerful.

Some of us affect the world in ways that reverberate throughout many lives. In the passing of such a life, as Jack's most surely was, we must remember that until there is no living person left who remembers what he did for us, the power of his spirit lives on.

In that I find great comfort and peace.

May my love and blessings find their way to the late Jack Herer's family and friends in their time of loss.


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On this upcoming Tuesday, April 20th, at 4:19 pm there will be a moment of silence for Jack Herer that will last until 4:20 pm.

I encourage everyone to participate in honor of Jack and all that he has done for the hemp/cannabis movement.

After the moment of silence, we shall all puff our hearts out in memory of him and to celebrate OUR day like he would want us to.

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